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plastic tree

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Confusing, charming, hilarious, wonderful, surprising, and great utilization of visual and sound. Haha, (y)

Nice work on completing your first game! I enjoyed my time with it!

Very very intriguing gameplay, lack of sound design kind of adds to the mystery. It a great twist on the snake mechanic but a really interesting evolution. Very impressive!

Great tunes and sound! Neat little twist on a familiar concept! Nice work.

Crashed with an exception (something like NilObject?) and made my computer freeze :(

hilarious :)

wow perfect! still trying to find the correct ritual though :)

made me lol, very neat idea, fast and fun. A little "3,2,1, ready" to prepare for that first move on subsequent rounds would help a little, but over all great idea, brought some lols- sound design, game feel, all great!

Hey M.S.T.O.P strange things that sounds is not working. If OpenAL is missing the game would not even start (this happened during our tests). Don't really know what to say. Maybe try to clean the OpenAL DLLs and reinstall?

fnatastic drive is trully ~fantastic~

really really interesting mechanic for movement/exploration!
nice visual design, too...I would like to move around faster, but eventualy i did get the hand of 'double shooting' to go a little further... Ultimately an enjoyably unique little experience... A 'multiplayer mode' could be interesting, a shootout (ala nidhog) could bring some laughs. good job!

Tight hardcore game, very nice. My only complaint was maybe the hitbox that seems a bit unforgiving. I would have liked a bit smaller one.

awesome aethetic, can't wait to play!

"your milk is in another castle"
very good, jolly good