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Hi guys, Plasma306 here! I recently published by first game, but it's not showing up even when I search for it by name, and if I look my username up, it says I have "0" projects....did I not do a procedure I should have?

Hi guys! Plasma 306 here to let you know that my first EVER game, Ninja Chronicles, has now been released! Ninja Chronicles is based on the idea of infinite difficulty. The player's job is simply to win fights and level up. However, the higher the player levels up, the harder the game gets to match. Even the most skilled player can eventually be overwhelmed!

You used Scratch? so did I!

Thank you!

Hi guys! Plasma306 here. I'm super new, and I was wondering if the games here need to be copyrighted or trademarked before they are posted? I know a lot of the big major games in the world are, so is it required or needed here?

Hi, I'm Plasma306, and I love open-world, adventure, action games. I'm also into suspense. I'm a super noob at this site, and I've only made 1 game. :-) Any advice is welcome and much appreciated :-)