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Pixel Overload

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Hey! I think that's 'Regule5' with a few adjustments.

Holy Crap this was insane! I loved the visuals and appreciated the artistic flair of both interesting camera angles and environment design. So much attention to detail went in this, such as the grippy subway tiles on the ground and the fire hydrants. It really felt like an abandoned subway station. Honestly, very inspiring for an artist. My one request would be to track the 'eyeball' icon onto the interactable object instead of having it the top corner. Keep doing what you do!

Your use of theme is brilliant; I love the title and "Rust in pieces". It was also very satisfying to explode enemies. Awesome work!

I really loved the pixel art and the music worked well with what was happening in-game. Great job!

You really captured the atmosphere and tension. Nice game!

Oh man that is a great name for a sequel. Thanks for playing!

The story is awesome, the death screen with the green text is cool and the music slaps. Great work!

Woah the art is incredible!

I really like how the player could only see the insides of the cockpit; it really fits the theme well! Pixel art looks nice too.

Really nice artwork

I love the concept!

This is really cool! The pixel art is nice, and I like the mopping feature.

Did you get to work? If not, dm me on or and I will send you the pack in a different file format.

Oh that's funky for sure. Try opening the image (.png) files in a different software. If that doesn't work, dm me somewhere and I can help figure this out.

Hello and thanks for purchasing! Can you see the shades in greyscale or just the silhouettes?


(Video about the art process for this game)
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Oh no there weren't any bugs! I was just talking about the buttons on the MS Paint toolbar and how it would be cool if they worked.

A refreshing take on the theme. I wish the buttons for the pen/eraser actually worked but the game was still enjoyable.

Not only did you create a really nice escape room, but you executed it really well with super classy art. I love the motif of a couch in space.

Great game! I really liked the way you used the colour palette.

I really liked the scale of the background scene. The sound effects were great too.

Such a nice, charming little game! 

"S O U P   T I M E" is my favourite sound.

Thanks that means a lot! I recorded footage of me drawing the assets so I might publish a YouTube video where I go through the process. We'll see.

Glad you like it! Thanks so much for purchasing. 

Super unique gameplay!

So much fun!

Very charming!

oof. My best is 187.

Yeah Let's Go!

It's free for commercial and personal use, no attributes needed!