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Cool, thanks.  We did try to make the new episode less frustrating.  The game is meant to be more entertaining than challenging anyway.

Created a new topic BETA Feedback Thread
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Tell us about your experience testing out any new betas here.

Cool, thanks for the answer - can you email me at miles@pixeljam.com?  We might be able to help with Mac / Steam versions.

Created a new topic Mac or Steam version?
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Just picked this up on recommendation by the VGLookClub.    Are there any plans for a Mac version?  Also do you plan onputting this on Steam?  Might do well there if it finds the right audience.

Created a new topic Cheap Golf Update: Week 1

Hello Golfers,

A couple of important things to note:

1) Cheap Golf is now also available on Steam Early Accesshttp://store.steampowered.com/app/616520/Cheap_Golf/

Please consider RT'ing our announcement here:  https://twitter.com/Cheap__Golf/status/913165843550400512

If you own the game on Itch.io, you will have a key waiting for you on your download page.

2) Updates coming very soon! Immediate ones will be:

 A) Level balancing (difficulty, etc)

 B) Badges and scoring on the level select screen

C) Shader adjustments and options for low-spec computers

Tweaks in the coming weeks:

A) Editor improvements for level creation efficiency

B) Extra Visual FX for special objects

C) Ways to share levels easier.

Thanks for Playing, and don't forget to follow SUSAN. on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cheap__Golf

Take care,

-Miles @ Pixeljam

Posted in Steam key info

Thanks!  We added steam keys to Itch.io yesterday, so you should have one now - I think you go to your download page and then scroll down a bit and see "Get Steam Key" - let me know if it doesn't work.

Can you email me at miles@pixeljam.com and explain a bit more about the issue?  Thanks :)

Noted, thanks!

we just need to optimize that shader apparently.  Next week!

cool, good to know

weird, that still looks like the default shader.  You set useLegacyShader to TRUE?

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Incredible recursion!

Can you try one thing?

1) Right click on the app, select "show package contents"

2) Navigate to Contents/Resources/assets/data/config.xml

3) Find the second line of actual code:

<display width="1280" height="720" fullscreen="false" legacyShader="false" />

Change legacyShader="false" to legacyShader="true"

(be careful with this file, one typo and game CRASH)

Then save the file, close it, and launch the game again.  Let us know how it goes?

SUSAN. approves of your style

No you are right - windows is the correct speed, mac is slow. What are your mac specs?

Created a new topic Bug Reporting Thread

Reports bugs and glitches here.