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CHEAP GOLF - A Surreal Minigolf Comedy (By Pixeljam)

A topic by Pixeljam created Nov 06, 2018 Views: 210
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Hello all!

We just launched the full version of our game CHEAP GOLF yesterday:

It's a bizarre golf game hosted by an AI bot named SUSAN, who is very hungry for your FEELTHINKS.  

Gameplay and graphics are Commodore / Atari styled, with some authentic 2600 / SID audio, remixed a bit with modern means.

There are 3 episodes now, with about 140 levels and 100+ simple cutscenes.  More on the way!

There's even a level editor, but it's hidden in the game.  SUSAN will reveal it if you ask nicely.

Thanks for reading!

-Miles @ Pixeljam

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