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A short horror story, about your childhood. · By Aetheric Games

Mac or Steam version?

A topic by Pixeljam created Oct 03, 2017 Views: 254 Replies: 2
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Just picked this up on recommendation by the VGLookClub.    Are there any plans for a Mac version?  Also do you plan onputting this on Steam?  Might do well there if it finds the right audience.


Hi Pixeljam, thanks for the interest!

I considered other versions, but decided against it in the end, since I'm just one person with a day-job and no budget. The Steam fee would be a big gamble, as I don't have the spare time to put into marketing, community and patches. To build a Mac version of an Unreal game, you need to have a Mac, and that's not happening any time soon! (I also considered a Linux version, but realised that the time I'd have to invest wouldn't be worth it.)

Sorry that's not the answer you wanted!

Cool, thanks for the answer - can you email me at  We might be able to help with Mac / Steam versions.

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