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Definitely a challenging game! Great job

Great music and art! The gameplay felt nice and crispy. I cant wait to see where you take this project!

The world feels so alive! Love the aesthetic and the metroid-like gameplay!

Thank you! That's exactly what I was going for !

That HUD is amazing! I love how you combined multiple game genres into one cohesive experience! Music is so good too!

Fantastic artwork!!! Great music and it  feels like you spent some time on EQ!

I really like the artstyle of your game! The music is great and the gameplay is so smooth!

Haha! Thanks for the very nice comment! I hope to continue this project soon!

Can't wait to see more!

Love the theming and artwork here!

I really liked the gameplay!! Love how you can play with 2 players too

I love the art in your game! The text boxes are so crispy! 

Great art and I loved that parallax !

This is a really fun game! I love all of the individual personalities of the fighters!

Nostalgia! Your game reminded me of those old cartoon network flash games! I loved the wacky characters, environment and the cutscenes! 

The level of polish on your game is unreal!! Great gameplay, cutscenes, music, and art! 

Your sprites are really nice and polished! I really like the difficulty here. Fun game! 

I love the world you built here! Really good level design too!

Haha cats! Thanks!

Thanks for the nice comment!! I hope to see this complete one day as well!

Thanks! Got to save the game somewhere right haha ? 

Thanks! This really means a lot to me!

Thank you so much for the nice comment!! I'm happy that you liked the art and the consistency!

Sorry that you hit that glitch! Usually pressing the start button will help push the dialogue forward if it gets stuck. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. 

Hey sorry about that! I thought I fixed that bug.. The path should have open up after the boss dies. Thanks for bringing that to my attention and I'm glad you enjoyed the other parts of the game!

I love the art and the gameplay!

Thank you! I've always wanted to make a game in the "1-bit" style

Thanks !! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

It's all good! I'll check them out 

That would be cool haha! I'll need to check it out!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I think it looks great!

That's a very good rule to live by!

It's all good, I think you did a wonderful job!

Yeah! Just played it and I love how the dialogue breaks the fourth wall haha!

Your game is really cool! I liked the art, the story, and the ability to go to different time zones!

This was very fun to play!

This is really cool! Love the art and the point & click mechanics!

I really like those graphics! They look very vector-y !