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This is a really clever idea! I was not able to play in fullscreen for some reason, I had to play in windowed mode.

That is so cool! Thank you for sharing!

Well done! This game made me feel nostalgic as if I could be playing this on a GBA! I love the music and the combat. Feels like I was playing the Mario RPG series in a sci fi setting! 

I really like the nes-style graphics and the music! This def feels like a game that would have been on the nes!

Short and sweet! Great delivery!!

That's awesome!

Great game!! I love the overall feel and ps1-style graphics. How did you make those textures?

I really like the fluid and fast paced feel of this! Made me feel stressed! (In a good way)

This game is funny! I really liked killing germs with the phone haha. The phone wasn't enough unfortunately and everything became infested and I was drowning in germs in no time! 10/10

This is a really cool concept! I loved the built-in tutorial and enjoyed the game as a whole. Are the levels randomly generated?

Very smooth and fluid! I really like the difficulty level too.

10/10 Such a great idea!!!