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Really nice game, really cute visuals and good fun.

Really nice game, really cute visuals and good fun.

Fun little shooter but easily get overwhelmed. 

Nice bit of fun, interesting idea.

Nice and clean well done. Hard but the checkpoints were basically perfectly spaced out.

Mechanically the horizontal movement cancelling as soon as I let the key go caused me to miss so many jumps lol

Nice and clean well done. Hard but the checkpoints were basically perfectly spaced out.

Mechanically the horizontal movement cancelling as soon as I let the key go caused me to miss so many jumps lol

I wouldn't say it needs it, it would add something but I don't know that this really needs anything. Strong contender for winning I think.

Absolutely delightful and really nice design and atmosphere. I don't know if it was intentional for a more relaxed game but I found idly clicking usually solved the puzzles without thinking too much. Would be interesting to see it with a limited number of moves.

Your missiles will be replenished every so often when you destroy a missile, you will see a smill token zip towards the center

Purely a scoping issue, I am still working on it and will likely post it eventually. I am still quite new in terms of experience so massively underestimated doing things like enemy behaviours and stuff.

thanks, though I'm content that less features is more. I've come back several times to replay my game and I like how uncomplicated it is.

A great game idea, the puzzles need a little work but the core idea is solid

every so often one of the missiles you destroy will drop a pickup, if you're careful you can get quite a few extra for when it all starts going wrong

Really fun, quite challenging at points

Fun but HARD

That was fun. The sounds are very jarring but a little block stacking is always enjoyable, well done.

That's a great idea, I hope you expand on it a little with a bigger level.

I really enjoyed your game, especially punching my way through the fallen cities. Nice work

Thanks for the feedback, credit to for the tileset I can't take credit for that. Because the Godot engine was a bit finicky I had to increase the physics frames to 120/s so in the browser it can get a little slowdown. I could definitely tweak some things for the browser version though. Sounds are coming soon, just hadn't sorted that for the first release.

Hi thanks for the feedback. Most commenters have said similar things so I have a clear path for the next update. Hopefully with the next course made as well.

Thanks for the feedback, your score seems pretty good to me. There's still plenty work to do especially with UI and player experience.

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I made a game using your tileset, it's very cool. I got the characters too but I've not got that in the game yet.

Goblin Golf

I was adding the bonk sound in the last few hours but it was just triggering constantly and I gave up on it. Hadn't even considered the options on pause that would be easy to add. There will be an update to this in the next few weeks.

I was thoroughly entertained by a menu for just over 109 seconds. What a fun idea, especially the secret checkbox.

Nice idea but quite samey after a while. Could have the orders come in as recipes so you can plan your moves.

Fun but tricky game. Well done

Nice platformer, really well polished

Roger Ebert once said "To my knowledge, no one in or out of the field has ever been able to cite a game worthy of comparison with the great dramatists, poets, filmmakers, novelists and composers." A point that has been debated since the creation of Pong itself. I feel that in Arnold we truly find an answer to this question. An undeniable piece of great art that should be placed alongside the works Rembrandt, Shakespeare, Mozart and their like! Well done. The music was the piece de la resistance!

Good little puzzle game, well done!

Impressive for a week of work and fun, some little edges to be smoothed out but overall very fun.

Interesting platformer with a little twist to set it apart. Nicely done

Really nice graphics and style though I found the gameplay quite punishing.

I really loved the graphics in this, the blueprint levels are a very nice idea. Well done

Nicely put together for the graphics and level design but the ship was hard to fly, maybe adding some strafing and some backwards would help but it was a solid game. Well done.

Made it to wave 11 on the first go and really enjoyed it. Can be a bit frustrating with the spirit trying to get it where you want but still fun. Good game.

Nearly deafened myself after having my volume up! Good game idea but the controls felt slow and floaty.

I started out trying to match pairs carefully but honestly degenerated into just bodging things together quickly to see what happened. Well done!

Well I'm definitely not as good at typing as I once believed. Mavis Beacon where have you gone! Neat little concept and a little practice never hurt.

Cute little concept, nice visuals and a theme tune that slaps. The gameplay feels a little sluggish not always sure when to press etc but still a nice idea.

I'm glad you persevered to get the win I hope you enjoyed it. I'd be happy to share the source code if anyone wants it, but it's probably a hacky mess lol. Thank you for the kind words