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Hey! :) Sorry about that, I *think* that might be the poor implementation of the recording steps. I don't know why I went with 1 second intervals, but it did feel ok when the game took away your momentum on rewind. I changed that near Version 1.0 so that the velocity was preserved (making the game way faster!), but I should have altered the steps to .5 seconds or so (I checked it out for my first pots-jam release).

Basically the rewind is a constantly building stack of structs with position and velocity information. With the interval at 1 second though it feels a little choppy or non-precise when the game gets fast.

I could be totally wrong of course and maybe there's an actual bug, but I've not seen it put you anywhere you haven't been at a point in time, what it sounds like you might be describing is when you stop the rewind before the 1 second interval is hit so it plops you back where you just were :)

Hmm not a bad idea some loops could actually be rewind energy boosts :) Most of the game right now is about managing your rewind to maximize your score which is a combination of action and planning (knowing when the best effect is to "split the track" and hit two parts). I also need to play with the recharge rates a bit (also tweaked for post jam!) :)

TLDR: Sorry for the wall of text, but that was some thoughtful feedback you left, so THANK YOU! :)

I think it's more the fact that I was looking for a queue that it was going to change colors but didn't see any (I might have missed it :)) so I'd hit a color I thought I was as it changed lol :)

Sounds awesome, keep at it! And thank you as well :)

Fun and pretty tough :)

I would say the colors seem to change a bit sporadically leading to some frustrating changes as I line up a same color haha :) Also those two shades of purple are hard to distinguish for my old eyes ;)

Other than that super fun and challenging little game :)


Thank you for the feedback and kind words, I will definitely do that and sorry for the delay in responding :)


Hey, this is pretty cool! Interesting concept and pretty fun, but it takes a bit to understand what's going on haha :) I know you have instructions and that helped, but it's a bit complex (or at least unique) for the level of instructions provided :) As someone suggested, maybe a tutorial would go a long way or an intro to each level :)

Thank you for playing and for the kind words BurnsBoy! :)

Oof I found it! The boosts AND the rewind both don't have the settings hooked up properly. Thank you for pointing that out, I'll fix that for the first post-jam update :)

Thank you and thank you for playing Amanuel! :)

Oh no you are quite right, the SFX should be a function of Master*SFX volume! Is there a specific one that wasn't set right? I'll run through and see if I can find that :) So, if both are at .5 it should be quite low at .25. Let me know!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! :)

Hey Saculrosten, thank you for playing and the feedback! :) I think the control/ball force will be something that will be a bit more flexible in the future with potentially different balls with different features :) For the rings, basically the large and small are points (small being 2x the points) and the medium ones were multipliers. I considered (and set them up in such a way) that I could in theory change each one to a unique value but I left them all the same for simplicity hehe... Basically Large: 50, Small: 100, Medium 3x multiplier. In fact, I should really put that in the instructions, thank you for mentioning it! :)

Hey, thank you for the feedback! :) And thank you for also letting me know the Mac version works :) I'm happy you liked the music, honestly I found it fit the game perfectly (my jam is usually more beats and House haha, but I felt Heavy Rock/Metal fit this game better) and I had the music purchased so it was perfect :) Yeah, rewinding needs some tuning and it would already be done if not for the lock on updates :) It's a simple matter of me adjusting the number of recording frames (probably by a factor of 10) and smoothing the movement too by fixing a little bug :) For the best run on the second level you definitely need speed and you really can't miss more than one speed boost (and no braking) to achieve the velocity needed for the final bounce off the exit portal. You can definitely do all levels without speed, you could in theory move at minimal velocity and take 10 minutes for each one, but the best scoring will probably come from high speed and rewinding effectively :) I play tested but I know for sure others will crush my score as I'm not the best at my own games almost always lol :)

Thank you again for playing and for the feedback! :)

Pretty creepy haha! Interesting concept, super simple and yet effective, perfect duration for a jam, good job :)

Hey Tend, thank you for playing and the feedback! The pinball idea is cool and with velocity and bumpers it definitely can feel that way haha :) On the rewind, I'm not sure if you are able to be more specific but one user seemed to feel that the one second intervals were too long (and I sort of agree, that was part of the original design) so I do plan to shorten them to maybe .1 to .5 second capture intervals. The camera is also janky sometimes and you might mean that... I think that's my fault and while I haven't checked I'm nearly 100% sure I have my camera follow in update and not fixed update causing this. Definitely an easy fix slated for post-jam times :)

That was interesting, unique and kind of powerful as a message. I was almost sure what happened was looming though to be honest... I tried not answering one specific message to see if that was a win condition too (maybe it should be!).

Hey dutchlish! Interesting game (mechanics, theme and feel!) :) I found the main character cute but maybe I have morning brain I had a hard time figuring that first part out lol :) Once I got that though, the rest of the mechanics and how things were going to work became a bit more clear :)

Thank you for playing and the feedback! :) Cool idea for the skateboarder,  I was thinking other balls with different benefits and drawbacks (and obviously visuals!) to give it some variety but keeping the ball physics and adding a different model is definitely a possibility (might just look odd on bounces etc hahah!). I will check yours out now before I start work this morning :)

Original and pretty neat :)

I really liked this one! Original, pretty tough and not too hard to understand :) A highscore would be cool to have tracked somewhere (maybe it's there but didn't see it!) :)

Thanks for sharing!

An interesting take on the theme and a pretty original game :)

Cool idea, the smack talk was funny :) I suppose the idea then is to have the path work both ways? lol :) In any case, I made it up once but the part that comes after not so much :)

Pretty awesome, great pixel art and really awesome level and boss design, even generally let alone in a week :)

Fun little game! Pretty unique in it's own way :) I did finish it but just not good enough to get the "truth"! :)

Pretty awesome card game liked it when I play tested it and I see it's evolved, nicely done! :)

Pretty cool, love seeing the Unity Robot Assets used :)

Awesome, thank you for checking it out! And I'll try and stop by post jam to see the changes and give more feedback if you like :)

Thank you for playing and the feedback! :) So presently the rewind is set to record the ball's position and velocity every 1 second, but based on feedback (like this!) I will definitely be adjusting it to something between .1 and .5. Unfortunately that can't be for another 2 weeks officially however. But fortunately it's also a very simple change since the rewind is basically just a stack of structs that gets called backwards :) Haha yes and congrats on attaining the speed required to do that!  You really only get to see and experience that if you hit all all or maybe all less one of the speed boosts :)

Nice little adventure game, although I'd like a little more guidance on what to do, it felt a little random and disjointed sometimes to me (although admittedly the type of game is probably not my jam!). Like someone else said, maybe a map or a marker of some kind offering some guidance. The text was good but sometimes the triggers seemed a bit random to me (not sure if some are time based?).

Haha, I like the analogy! :) The speed is sort of meant to force the rewind mechanic a bit too (to avoid doom and pick up more points :)), but I totally get it. Did you try braking with the back/S key? It does slow it down but you really have to do it early or your speed will pick up so much you won't feel the braking force much :)

interesting take on the theme, it seemed pretty tough to me though maybe I was just terrible haha :) I did end up using a gamepad and the input seemed more natural on that :) Good job overall :)

Here you go :)

3d ball rolling action :)

Checking yours out now too :)

Thank you! :) Yeah , the difficulty ramped up significantly with two changes, collider-less rings and retention of velocity when rewinding (no more auto-brakes :)). Thank you for the feedback and for playing! :)

A great looking game, and some time and thought went into the intro :) Well done, there! I found it a little bit slow in terms of movement and traversing the level, the aiming of the souls was a bit frustrating sometimes and not always too clear on what I was doing. Other than that it's definitely unique in terms of what i've played so far, kudos!

Hey there!

I'd love for you to check my mac build out, partly because I've never tested it (Shame!) and I'm trusting it will work based on experience :)

Here's the page:

Checking out your windows build in a moment when it downloads :)

Thanks and let me know if there's any issues with the Mac build please! :)

Hey David, sure I'll hop in on this since I could use a few more reviews and any honest feedback since i do plan to evolve this one a little beyond the Jam :)

Checked yours out, rated and commented but to share here: pretty original puzzler/platformer (not so much platforming but the robot auto platforms!), and I found it a little hard but there's also a lot of content there :) Good job :)

Fun little game, pretty hard and a lot of content for this type of thing as far as I can tell (10 levels at at least a few minutes I'm guessing to figure each out!).

hi there, nothing here unfortunately (no playable download or web build) :(

nice take on the theme and incorporation into a match 3 :) Well done :)

Awesome interpretation of "Rewind" :)  Great little game, though I didn't manage to solve one of the early puzzles (4th one I think with the box with 2 spools on the bottom) :)

You did a fantastic job :) 7 days or not :) You can always add the graphics for used buttons later! :)

Fun platformer, I like the aspect and wrap around, great design choices :)