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So excited! Love so far, he's such a cutie!

Why isn't there an option to buy it? You should sell this---it's so good


I'm disabled myself, and permanently. I feel for you. I hope you get relief sometimes. I'm sorry this is so hard for you. 


Incredible work, I don't know if I CAN or will use it the future, but if it DOES work I will most definitely throw money for it. Thank you for sharing your work. Been a fan for a bit

God I fucking LOVE YOU. Exactly what I was looking for, I greatly appreciate it!

HELL YES THANK YOU HAKUEN TwT I appreciate it. When I'm doing the map stuff I will grab this down the road tysm <3

ofc you should definitely sell your work though it's really good quality

Will this also work with a parallax map or no, if we have the image up as a parallax for the full map or something maybe? :o


xD Would love to make a game that had decorating so I love these. I will probably edit them down the road but it's for a future game

THANK YOU this is insanely helpful!!!! 

how tall/wide are these sprites?


Thank you this is SUPER useful. I didn't know you could import your own stuff into effekseer, I'm def gonna play with it in the future!

Recently got all your animations in that epic bundle--thank you!

I was curious. How do you make your animations? Do you draw them or draw/animate parts of them?

I'm curious because I think it would be fun to learn. I was debating just drawing animation

Is effekseer used for all parts, or do you use more than one program?

Can this only be opened in unity or are their gifs or other sprite sheet files?

These are really fantastic points, thanks for sharing! xD I can't stop laughing about jar fetus xD

I'm making another comment because I'm playing this game for the second time.

This game is absolutely incredible, and you should most certainly play it, if you are browsing the comments rn. 

I am extremely picky with games. The battle, the story, the characters. The environment. Everything is extremely well based and it's always driving your curiousity to want to know more about the game. 

Really hyped to be playing it again!

...It's literally $2. That's like. a soda.

Exactly! Thank you

it's literally only $2. Bet you buy candy and soda at the store but you can't buy a game that took a long time to make. I bought it and I liked it. $2. Imagine being so privledged to complain about $2. 

I'm poor disabled and in massive debt. There is no excuse. If you wanted it you would buy it. 



After Image:[1, #00fff7,150,10,0]

I'm trying to change the after image to ice blue, and I was trying to use your boomerang as example but it's still red xD
How are you supposed to write out the After image?/change it's color?

Yeah much better homie nice work btw!

ITS all good homie we all are busy and have lives

thank you so much I appreciate the reply!

Ey schizophrenia runs in my family((I had some symptoms due to bad influence from family)) and I just wanted to say this game looks cool and if anyone gives you shit about 'waaah using a disease blah blah' this your schizo homie that ((Yes is okay now)) but was diagnosed in my early 20s giving you the schizo seal of approval xD hahaha <3 nice

THANK YOUU<3 ;w; my hero

thank you that's perfect! I really appreciate it! I'm gonna desk a blank effekseer as a test, to make sure it works, but I'll be buying your stuff in the future! Great work

I apologize for bothering you, how can we tell which graphic is the 'stream' or image that follows the 'bullet' for example in 'boomerang' their is a red stream/graphic that follows it. Which graphic is that/can I change? I want to input my own graphic and make it purple and blue/draw my own but I can only find 'dart2' as the boomerang 1st graphic, not the stream/img that follows 'dart2' [that is red by default]

Does an effekseer animation come as a gif or some effekseer file? I don't have MZ, but I was thinking of splitting up a gif into frames and using it in a different way, but manually doing it myself.

What file do the effekseer some with?

I found it!

thank you!

It's all good thank you! Was just making sure :D


can we make our own attack graphics/or use battle animations or are they images we can edit?

what size are these? if they are too small or too big I might not be able to use them >w<;;

Can you add more frames to the characters or does it have to be 3 still?

It's  not coded it was made with rpg maker, just report the bug to the dev so they can fixed it. Game might not even get completed, it's been silent for years

I'm very conffused, is this 16x16 or 32x32 or can I use both sizes?

hope the edits are cool with you! xD Not as cool as yours, But I couldn't resist editing a 
cute elven girl