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Okay this was hands down my favorite, esp after playing the whole thing. I know it gets judged by the hour. I get 1/6 ending. I got to play bc I was very sick today LOL But I should be working on stuff all the time :p but I got hooked. I loved it. I'd love to see other endings people get, or even if you can record or upload the endings I would love to see them! I'm so curious. Also the gallery was so cute. I love how you could interact with almost everything. And the cult chanting radio hahahaa I thought he was rapping at first it was so funny LOL

I wonder why? It ran fine for me o.o

You worked on TWO???? ARE YOU INSANE?????? hahaha why are you so crazy
wait. Did I just miss it??? I was watching hawks stream, was it when I went to go make food or did I show up late?

what the fuck just happened ahahah

If you do I'd love to play it again and see the ending!

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I wish there was a health bar, part of me didn't know I could actually die
I'm ngl, I think this game fit the theme the most. It felt like the most 'horror' considering instead of just spooky! I respect that a lot. I was curious about the story, but it got me straight to the point and into it
I couldn't hear anything the demon was saying, the voice was too squeaky or distorted LOL
But other than tthat, I enjoyed it a lot!
But I didn't finish it, I kind of want to see the ending, if anyone records it! But yeah everything hit me. I didn't know if you could dodge or if things just hit you. 
This was the last game I played for the jam..I loved a handful, but I think this is one of my favorites, and it definitely fit horror the most.
Also the use of sound fx was great.

Oh I know! I was watching the stream. xD It turns out my problem is my dumbass missed an ENTIRE ROOM. LOL

well, if you like farming sims, coral island is coming out nov...14th or 11th or something like that? It was the first game I kickstarted, really good if you like those kind of things

It takes a lot from stardew, inspired, but has a lot going on

there's alwayys classic harvest moon too, but I really like where yours was going! With a horror touch, you don't have to worry about the other stuff as much if you don't want too!

So I'm not voting bc I did not reach the ending, and I am super biased, so it wouldn't be fair to vote! I really am not a fan of random encounters, and with game jams I want them to be quite and not frustrating/too challenging battle included, I died a few times, and tried to focus more on the battle mechanics. But with how time crunched I am these days, the boss was frustrating me and taking too much retries xD (that's a me problem, not a you problem) it was a preference thing! I liked that it wasn't too long, short and sweet. I'm probably going to watch what I missed, It looks like you thought about the battle mechanics primary

I highkey need a bit more story or a hook to be interested in anything with battles generally, so it was a little hard for me to want to keep trying xD I also kind of suck at games and I'm super impatient, so that's on me. I think the character selection and type was cute and fun, it seems like you know what you are doing battle wise. 

I love this so much! It was so pretty and aesthetic too, I really loved this, farming sims are my fav thing fr, very cool! dw about the endings! You got the point across, I would love to see you continue if you feel up to it!!

Isn't this ai?

I have to be 24/7 on work all the time, even during hawks streams I can't talk much because I'm working. Even working nonstop I'm like, 2 weeks behind what I thought I'd be finished with. If I get a break some time or catch up a little more I will, if not this week I'll try next.

this was so funny and clever. It's definitely either my #1 or #2 I haven't played them all yet though. It was so funny, fun, and good, and not too hard, just what I like. I enjoyed the comedic aspects and dialogue

this was so funny and clever. It's definitely either my #1 or #2 I haven't played them all yet though. It was so funny, fun, and good, and not too hard, just what I like. I enjoyed the comedic aspects and dialogue

thank you so much! I'm behind, so I might end up watching hawk play it while I work, but if I ever catch up, or get ahead of my schedule, I will play yours and doras eventually I promise!!

Honestly it's not much of a bug, I could see it being a thing, I was just being dumb, this was so fun and unique

this was so freaking cool! Very fun entry, you guys put so much work into this :P I got the bad ending, but it was still very entertaining! Looking forward to seeing other folks get the other endings

ohh kv if you send me the pass I'll give it a play :D

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I just kept punching everyone at the beginning I am laughing so hard.
I got very stuck trying to play this game! I didn't know where to go next, I was pretty sure I found all the keys and the only other place I could go was the uh, room that gives you an auto game over
I'm sure I missed something, but I tried to interact and use items where I could. Unless I was supposed to do something with the crystal ball

I might need to see if someone makes a guide

This was fun! I definitely got the bad end, but it was still very entertaining!

I almost got the last key and my character disappeared D:

this game was so funny. With the ghost boss though, if you go on the right side of it, and get trapped in the wall, you just walk towards it until you die LOL It had patterns so it's just tedious to kill, but not hard. Was a fun little game

The intro is fantastic. You can always make it optional, too if people are already familiar with your games

Such a fun game and runs really smooth, not sure why my rating didn't show in comments,

-beautiful aesthetic atmosphere with care put into each area

-well written dialogue and characters that clearly have a lot of depth, personality, backstory, and some relatable banter or aspects, where you can really connect

-immersive right from the bat, brings you right into gameplay

-fantastic controls, probably my favorite part here, the bullet hell isn't too hard, isn't too easy, perfect for beginners like me who suck at bullet hell but I still found it incredibly fun, you can use wasd and mouse or you can also config the controls right away in game!

-organized, clean, well thought out and put together nicely

-fun and exciting cinematic to get an inside peak of some of the characters

- didn't run into any bugs or issues at all!

The only thing I'd mention that isn't a pro really is that some folks might be confused about who these characters are, or what exactly is going on here, not to say it needs a massive explanation, but a lot of stuff is a connection is some of Remi-chans other games! So there is a lot of depth if you want more lore you can check out the other content. You don't NEED to know what happened to enjoy it though! It was just something I figured I'd mention

fantastic game, and a lot of fun! Thanks remi!

yooo if you make top down ones @ me

These are so cute thank you! I love your art!!

I REDOWNLOADED IT I THINK IT'S GOOD xD sorry about that, also I love your work it's amazing tbh, I'll probably use it in a future thing =w= it's so perfect for like, life sim stuff too.

Ohhh thanks for letting me know! I really appreciate you letting me know. That makes a lot of sense, it probably wouldn't be compatible with a spawner I've already bought so I will look into something else, thank you for telling me :D

BRO keeping an eye on this for far future projects bc damn you really fire emblem-ed us homie! Sweet work

Weird question, is this boundary all events, and if so, can we turn on a switch/off to make changes to those 'boundaries' events? (Like moving them?) I'm curious how this works...but it's exactly what I was looking for, I think...I was manually doing it with eventing, but it was getting so tedious and messy LOL

Good to know! tysm! I appreciate that :D

Yay! Thank you Tea, this is super useful instead of having to add switches or whatever to make things activate, this just saves so much time and hassle!

I had to bother you! Does anyone know if there is a way I can set a switch or common event to run IF the player picks up an item generally VS throwing it or if the player has thrown it?

I made animated sprites and I need it to run on pickup and after it's been thrown to go back to normal. 

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Is there any way to change to y axis adjust instead of x? I'm dumb and I made my sprites lift things 'up' (for the animation :;w;) also tysm, your plugins are so epic dude!

If this didn't happen, I can help show you how to make it look darker with overlays, parallax, and good lighting. If you show me your map, I can screenshot it and do a quick example/help you with it

what ai are you using? It looks very fuzzy and weird

TYSM! No pressure at all, your scripts are amazing! Tysm homie. If you sell it just @ me