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Hey thanks so much for letting me know! You're stuff rocks btw ^^

Does anyone know if these look alright resized to 48x48 or would it be best to avoid that?

Do you do commissions? Just wondering :o~

save for it. It is worth buying mz for this alone! :o

SCREEEEECHHHHHHHRAAAAHHHH I love you thhank you, I can't rn but I will be purchasing thing in the near future~ THE BARDS SHALL SING MANY SONGS. xD

Can you use this with variables, or create gauges that adjust at different variable amounts? :o <3 thank you. If so, this miiight me my only reason to get this and MZ, down the road xD

Problem is getting the referral. Disabled and have multiple diseases/diangosed stuff but still don't have answers to some of my problems--ask to see certain drs see what lines up, they refuse, go to another primary, they refuse. Everything needs to go from dr to dr and I fucking *hate it*

These look so cool! You make me want to get into pixel art x3

Of course! I just wanted to make sure. Thank you <3

I read the terms a few times, but I'm a bit confused, is this allowed to use in commercial projects, [or what your licensing particularly is] as long as we credit as listed?

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry idk how I missed it! xD thank you <3

Sorry to ask, what size are these sprites?

oh nice! Loved to see the updates! Btw, before the bath house scene idk if anyone mentioned yet, but darek actually has Erika's character bust. xD

Thank you!

Is the english not availiable right now? Looks cool

bROOOOO U da best Imma get this next month BLESS YOU

Woooow. If you have a twitter or anywhere, where you just post your work, I would love to follow you!

I have picture common events, but that makes me only have a common event registered from picture number 1-100, is it the same with this?

[[I know you can only use 1-100 per map, but once you assign that  picture # to a common event in picture common events, you can't use that picture number anymore unless it's always running that event.] 

I love you. I'm not making this game for a long time but your assets are so pretty

thank you!

thank youu! <3

Any chance there is somewhere I can see what the characters moving look like? ;w; not sure if it fits the style I'm going for so just want to take a look >w<

You should! You're talent needs to be known! ^^

You inspire me to want to start creating again. Your work is so beautiful and lively. 

amazing!! I don't know if this will suit the project I'm working on, but I wanted to mention how beautiful your work is. I had no idea this pack came with so much! Wow. 

How large are the images [pots, pans ect]

No credit required? This is amazing, you should most definitely be credited. I love your work. <3

What engine was this made with? [so curious :o] Looks awesome

Honestly this broke my heart. I've been in relationships very toxic like this and it's so horrible.

You a boooosss. I'm buying this when I get paid next tysm ^^

Don't worry about it. I don't want my game looking like it was made in RM so I'm fully customizing everything myself. I figured it out. Tysm! I appreciate it ^^

Does this have the option to be pulled up outside of the Item/ Scene? I like my crafting to be separate at shops, or different areas, not in the main menu, wasn't sure if it was possible otherwise.

I was making a manual option menu and my own audio adjustments, I was looking for something that would be able to let the player adjust the sound?

Currently I have something like it, wanted to know if this would work too. Right now I have variables that adjust script calls for the volume, with a slider on a gauge [with SRDs HUDmaker] which adjust by a click activate via another scripts mouse plugin. Wasn't sure if there was something less messy.

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Just bought this, and I can't seem to get it to work. I've seen maybe 1-2 tutorials and read the guide...don't know what I'm doing wrong O.o

Even the demo won't open...says it's missing a bunch of items..

Thank you so much, I have so many diagonsis and conditions and for almost all my life I had so many drastic warning signs like the extreme fatigue, sicknesses, and even lupus and fibro alone make me feel this well as balancing several other diseases, and I still have a bunch of things that have dead ends and no answers, but for some reason once I got diagnosed with fibro, the doctors stopped trying to look for anything else.

This game resonates so much, thank you...<3

Not sure If I will end up using them/Yet But I wanted to do if you would be okay with me making edits over these, would that be alright? also any specific crediting/back links to all your media as well as your name [Robert Pinero] I want to make sure I credit you properly, direct link to what was purchased, and make sure I note the major differences. 

If they turn out really well and you like them, you can also use them if you enjoy them ^^ I just want to make sure I'm following the guidelines right/asking permission first :)

Thank you! I'm not sure If I will be using it yet but If there is any other social media links or any more I can credit please let me know ^^ I will let you know if I use it in a project <3