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It's  not coded it was made with rpg maker, just report the bug to the dev so they can fixed it. Game might not even get completed, it's been silent for years

I'm very conffused, is this 16x16 or 32x32 or can I use both sizes?

hope the edits are cool with you! xD Not as cool as yours, But I couldn't resist editing a 
cute elven girl

senpai you're so cool uwu!!! :DDD [being silly but omgggg I love ur worrrrk]

Oh my gosh!! I cannot wait to use/edit your stuff in my projects, I will get this down the road when i'm working on the game spot for this, but this is exactly what I needed! Likee a gate keeper spirit

ugh i love you, you are so cool! have to wait till next month to buy these but so excited!

nvm! I ended up lining up the sprite sheets and editing over them that way! Just didn't want them to be animated weird but i got it x) tysm. You're work is beautiful btw!

Bruh thank u so much, Imma have to apologize in advance for editing them into cute anime girls xDD

you are so sweet to take your time to help me. I'm forever grateful =w= spreading the good news about your work as well in the community--you are most certainly a hidden gem.

You wouldn't by any chance have the gifs of them without the preview over it((for folks who paid?)) I can compile the sprite sheets, I'm just editing unique characters over them [with credit ofc,] and aseprite automatically splices gifs into frames

ooo feel free to ignore if I'm being a big dumb, but what are you supposed to put in the 'distance' part.

What is the distance measured in? Pixels? a 48x48 square? Do I put distance 1 [which is 48] event space, or is it measured as something else? [tysm]

10/10 would die for u xD

what size is the individual sprite?

I'm gonna hear this song in my head while I'm trying to mf sleep, WHY


I enjoyed this! This was my first one that I played, I have to say I adore the art and the battlers SO much. I can't believe you did so much cool custom stuff in that amount of time--You're so awesome, dude!

The story was interesting and well done, I liked the intro with the dnd bit! Hahaha.

I love magical girl stuff tooo, so tryna not be biased, I hope you are joining the magical girl jam! I struggled with the battle, but I personally am not a fan of difficult battles myself or grindy stuff

This one was fun and had a lot of creative spins for the themes needing to be used, Love the sound ofc, I can't stand rtp visuals but ik it's a gamejam and time is slim, I can see where you put all the effort and other areas, and the maps were still charming regardless of rtp
the battles were fun, had a good feel to them and well balanced. 

I did actually laugh a handful of times at the dialogue/writing/ and I don't find most things funny, so the type of humor was up my alley as well
doing my best not to be biased, I really liked this game overall, a handful of my top favorites, actually

I'm bad at pac man but this is impressive, fun and charming

xD did not expect that at all OML

This is so fucking funny what on earth xDD

"what have you done to harold." LOL

That was....beautiful. If I have to be HONEST, I've played a large handful of harold games and yours is the first that made me feel...feels. You gave Harold depth, personality, and have a world with unique characters. it wasn't just for fun, or jokes. The writing is beautiful, the art is gorgeous, and i can see the hard work you put into every piece of it.

The line in particular "we all have to play the cards we've been dealt, but you aren't playing alone anymore." Was so good. I feel like a lot of this story stayed with me
and I just thought
this is...

this is a GAME jam GAME? this is....amazing....I know you have your own projects, but if you ever decide to was so beautiful. I'm already attached to these characters. I never (honestly) cared about harold. This, this story and game made me care, about this harold in particular. Incredible. Thank you, for this wonderful experience

I don't think there was anything I didn't like about it tbh, I just found it really fun! Thank you!

I cannot wait to play your game dude oml

This was beautiful and one of my favs and had such a majestic charm too it!

Oh MAN. THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE. Seriously impressive. Idk how you did a unique story with all the different custom harold(S) art and even fully colored cgs, damn dude. Even the battles was perfectly balanced


oooo lemme know when it's up I wanna play!

What size are these?

is there a guide to figure out what ingredient is which? I love this game so much

This game was incredible! Thank you so much!

This was really cute! I'm awful at pacman, but it looks cool and runs well I do get stuck at a lot of the hearts in single tiles, but I think you do in pacman as well

Game was incredible, unique, I had not too much difficulties with the puzzles but enough you have to think a little, or not much and explore! it was a fun experience, surprises around every turn

A beautifully creative game style, graphics/mapping, and layout. The characters are interesting, everything sort of makes you more curious to explore further and see what you will find.

The battles are very fair.. You can't be stupid though, save if you need to save, run if you need to run. This is probably one of my favorite rm games that I played...mainly because I get rather bored with a lot of generic rpgs. This was refreshing. Thanks dude! Looking forward to more of it!

It's okay hang in there!

that's insanely impressive dude! Great work

these look really close to celiana's tilesets. Where they edited?

Does it always have that grid like look? I'm making an isometric game but I don't want it to look like a grid/the squares seperated. it's just the perspective for visuals only

Ohhh I love yay! More interior stuff! Thank you. Will be adding to buy stuff in bulk at a later time lol

I was wondering if you would make bases for the sprites at all? I love your work so much, but I'd like to work over some of it [full credits of course] Not sure if it's something you will be selling in the future, but if you do let me know! Thank you