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Thanks for that, we fixed it up in version 2 which you can play right now!

The "good update" I hinted at is finally HERE! you can play it right now and see for yourself whether the combat is more interesting :^)

Hopefully it's balanced a little better now that v2 is out. I hope you try it out, please tell us what you think :D

Thanks for the kind words BTW. We used some of your advice for finishing up version 2. You can try it out now, it's mostly a refinement of the graphics, sound, music etc. of version 1. If we ever move forward with a bigger scope we will do what you suggested in your final paragraph :)

Fixed in version 2 out now :)

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We used your feedback for version 2 of the game which you can play now :)

Version 2 of the game is now available and your feedback was taken into account! Thanks!

Thanks so much! Did you ever write a Jam Favourites over on Fireside or no?

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Great jam entry!

Thanks for reminding me that they bunch together, I'll increase the forces they exert on each other. Stay tuned for a good update once voting ends!

Yeah, I didn't know about that until after submission. I'm 99% sure why it happens, and the fix is simple (just a conditional check before setting the pit death timer), but I'm not going to update the game until after the jam voting is done lest we be called cheaters.