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Philip Newsham

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I had a lovely time here! I put on the wii bowling music in the background for some extra ambience. Aside from some physics based glitchyness it's really nicely made!

Cute game and an interesting take of the episode!

Whilst I only got one question right, I really enjoyed that you could just search for anything! A neat quiz!


This game has a nice atmosphere! It had the ability to create a lot of tension whilst trying to find the logs and getting health back, even though it's a small area!

The control to discard text was confusing, I'm not sure if that was meant to be there?

Really good work for your first project!

The artwork is great, the gameplay is quick and fluid and it's good fun to keep replaying in bursts!

I enjoyed playing as the Cannisters as getting to move (though the screen was covered with the debt event) with everyone else stuck helped me a lot!

It took me a couple of plays to understand where I was heading to (I initially thought it was set at a random location as the AI had some random movements to it), perhaps before the game starts the camera could pan from the castle to the player's position?

Another quality of life is when a rolling dice events appear, maybe have the player's panel have an outline and show what dice roll you have to get? Just in case you ever go back to working on it!

Anyway great work! For three days this is really polished!

Thank you! I was most worried about the controls so I'm glad the game wasn't too tricky in that regards!