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That was fun! There's something satisfying about reducing the enemy team to blocks and hurling it over the goal - I also enjoyed the camera angle going upside down when following the ball!

I really like the isometric style, all it needs is the score on the game over screen!

I had a great time as a crab! I liked the gate interacting with the tide!

I made crab paste from seven crabs! Sadly my crab killing skills are not enough to get past the yellows!

I like how much isn't said in this and is left to the player to imagine, it adds a lot to weight of the situation!

Really nice game, it's quite serene and has a nice message of peace (except for those darn birds!). I really like the visuals - especially the flowers (are they separate flowers or is there something else going on?) Good job!

Nice mechanic - it was so satisfying to bounce a bullet into multiple enemies!
I found that I could cheese the game by standing as close to the enemy before they shoot for the first few levels. And it might be nice if they came from multiple sides of the screen to emphasize the use of changing the shield sides. Good work!

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah there's a lot of things that block the ball on your side, I would have liked to have removed a row of aliens on each win but my knowledge in Godot wasn't enough to make that happen. Interesting idea about having them in the middle though!

Thank you! Yeah a really simple fix to that is to get the collision direction and checks if it matches down, I might go back and fix that after marking!

That was really funny, good work! The last level took me an age to complete, it was the darn swap powerup!

Thanks for the feedback! Several of those concerns should have already been addressed (platforms should only break after the player has jumped off them, holding down space does give an extra player height jump) but the game is fairly buggy! Maybe I'll come back to it with these changes.

That was a really fun game and it fits the theme!

This is an awesome little puzzle game, I like the old school visuals/sound/story! I would only say to add a hit sound because it's not always clear when you've lost health. Good work!

Sometimes you need to play a game where you shoot rocks. I'm glad this game fills that need.

Nice! I'm content now I got to enjoy it fully, there is some funny speech in it! Now I feel for the letter 'a'. I vow to use it in every sentence beyond these ones!

Nice mechanic of changing moveset! It would be nice to have a bit of a push on the enemies when you hit them as I struggled to get close enough without getting damaged myself. Good work!

I really like the atmosphere of the game, and that it fits the theme. However I can't seem to get very far in the game because of a couple of things: sometimes the enemies won't die, I respawn in the middle of the enemies, or the gun takes too long to reload and they catch up to me. But good work, I hope you keep working on it!

Nice take on the theme, I'm not sure if it was on purpose but around the two minute mark green memories weren't appearing as much which sort of fits thematically. All it needs is some audio!

Nice game, it's satisfying to play at the start and then it ramps up in difficultly fast!

I imagine this is what the afterlife is like.

Thanks! I didn't think it would even run on a phone so that's nice to know you could at least drag the platforms around!

I'm afraid I tried that already, I could speak to the others in the first room so I'm not sure why it wouldn't let me speak to B.

Very creative take on the theme, very unique! I would have liked to have seen bigger levels with more enemies to sneak past. Good work!

I liked the art, and the heartbeat sounds added a lot to the anxiety. I would like to see more variations to the level layouts. Nice work

Good work! I like that you can shoot the ground and the fast pace of it! I jumped off a cliff and the character froze in an awesome pose but it seemed the game was still running. Nice job anyways!

This is very interesting, there's quite a deep story to it! Some good puzzle mechanics too, I would only suggest to try and stop the cubes from spinning so much as it makes it difficult to place, and add more sounds. Good work!

A tough one! Incorporates the theme well, I would only say to have made the timer go down a little bit slower and maybe change the flags to some sort of fire. Good job!

I legitimately cannot tell the difference between this and the real thing. I guess it fits the theme because once Nintendo gets a whiff of this it's getting SHUT DOWN.

Cute little puzzle game that fits the theme! You did a good job of introducing the different elements so I knew how interactions worked! It looks like you didn't have enough time to implement the shield properly which would have been a cool addition to the puzzles. Good job!

Really cool concept, and it's neat that it runs on the command prompt.
I walked to the room on the left but I can't interact with anything!

Hey it doesn't look like you've added the project files to download!

Fits the theme perfectly! Nice little platformer and well thought out level design. I had to stop on level 20 because I guess I fell off the platform and it didn't come back - other than that good job!

Cute! Our time was short and bittersweet, goodbye Pupillio!

I'm sorry that you couldn't get everything you wanted in, gamejams severely hinder the scope of a project. Glad you had fun and I hope you keep working on this!

I was worried this would be a lot more complicated than it actually is! Nice little puzzler!

Felt really smooth to play, I enjoyed how you combined the little and large platforms to work together. Good level design, I only struggled with the last level wall jumping between spikes! Great work!

Really cool game, looks and sounds great! I would like to see this game be worked on some more!

Made it to level 4, not sure if I was missing something as it seemed like level 2. I enjoyed the game but it could do with a hint button!

Three seems to be the average score! Thanks for playing!