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Philip Newsham

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Really creative! Just need to make more levels!

Just enough rockets! I liked the feeling of progressing by seeing the moon getting closer, the controls were nice. I felt like it just needed an effect when the rockets blew up. Otherwise, good job!

I found the dash mechanic really satisfying, and it was great being able beat up the boss with a large haul of souls! Great work!

Tricky but really fun! Good work!

Really good game! I wanted to keep playing, unfortunately I collected a flag before a checkpoint and softlocked myself! Regardless, well done!

A really well put together game, good work!

The sudden change when I hit the ground made me laugh! It's a nice skill based game!

Very satisfying to bounce, and I appreciate the camera catching up to the fly! Good job!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! Yes it's really fiddly, not enough time to fix the issues with overlapping. Also, level 6 is actually the end so good job completing it!

I had a lot of fun playing that! Good work!

I really liked the pitchfork mechanic, good visuals too!

I enjoyed this game! Nice visuals and satisfying controls!

So you have to find and tap the letters that are shown at the bottom - so in the first level you have to tap seven 'c' in the main text!

Really creative control scheme, lovely visuals - great job!

Cute and morbid and surreal and tricky! Good job with the jam!

I have never felt so powerful! Then I got wiped - good job following the theme and limitation!

Fun gameplay, satisfying controls!

You're not the messiah by any chance..?

Very atmospheric, and it instills a real sense of danger. Great work!

Really nice controls, and genuinely tense!

Great job completing your first jam! It's fun with some funky music!

Oozing with the juice! Just a really fun, well polished game. Awesome work!

The tounge grabbing the firefly was so satisfying - good work on the game!

I believe that increased speed gives plus 2 and decreased speed gives minus 1 so it ends up being a speed increase! Thanks for playing!

Simply adorable!

I can't seem to play it! I had a similar issue when publishing unity to webGL - I found that I had to disable the compression setting:

Though it could just be on my end!

Neat concept! I like the look and sound of the game too!

Fun game and well put together!

Neat concept!

Nice work! I liked the sprite work and the mashup of zelda and contra mechanics!

I am brave enough to admit that I am not very good at this game, but what I did play - I enjoyed! Also love the story and the artwork!

Nice juice, I enjoyed hitting the ghosts with bullets shot from staplers(?) Also I like the puzzle element of the steps to exit, especially realising the right door was the one I just came from!

Well crafted time loop! And I really like the art style!

Nice work!

Great stuff here - and the first game I've seen that interprets the theme in a different way!

You've nailed the atmosphere here - great work!

The platforming is good, and I liked the calm vibe of the game!

The rifle is my favourite weapon, it was pretty satisfying to use!