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Philip Newsham

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Fun game! Very satisfying to get a long distance shot!

So you have to find and tap the letters that are shown at the bottom - so in the first level you have to tap seven 'c' in the main text!

Really creative control scheme, lovely visuals - great job!

Cute and morbid and surreal and tricky! Good job with the jam!

I have never felt so powerful! Then I got wiped - good job following the theme and limitation!

Fun gameplay, satisfying controls!

You're not the messiah by any chance..?

Very atmospheric, and it instills a real sense of danger. Great work!

Really nice controls, and genuinely tense!

Great job completing your first jam! It's fun with some funky music!

Oozing with the juice! Just a really fun, well polished game. Awesome work!

The tounge grabbing the firefly was so satisfying - good work on the game!

I believe that increased speed gives plus 2 and decreased speed gives minus 1 so it ends up being a speed increase! Thanks for playing!

Simply adorable!

I can't seem to play it! I had a similar issue when publishing unity to webGL - I found that I had to disable the compression setting:

Though it could just be on my end!

Neat concept! I like the look and sound of the game too!

Fun game and well put together!

Neat concept!

Nice work! I liked the sprite work and the mashup of zelda and contra mechanics!

I am brave enough to admit that I am not very good at this game, but what I did play - I enjoyed! Also love the story and the artwork!

Nice juice, I enjoyed hitting the ghosts with bullets shot from staplers(?) Also I like the puzzle element of the steps to exit, especially realising the right door was the one I just came from!

Well crafted time loop! And I really like the art style!

Nice work!

Great stuff here - and the first game I've seen that interprets the theme in a different way!

You've nailed the atmosphere here - great work!

The platforming is good, and I liked the calm vibe of the game!

The rifle is my favourite weapon, it was pretty satisfying to use!

I like the atmosphere of the game, and that spinning animation is pretty slick!

Pretty cool gameplay, I enjoyed lining up the quad shots! And I like the nice range of abilities.

Love the variations! I got to the point where I got very powerful indeed, it felt good!

Very sweet, reminds me of owning a tamagotchi! Got the normal ending, I wasn't very good at hunting!

Creative take on the theme and special object, I could definitely see this being added to make a full game!

Really nice work! Good style and I enjoy the smoothness of the controls!

I've noticed that some people are having trouble restarting.

I'm sorry to say that there is only one attempt!

Very cute game and it fits the game art very well (love the japanese writing showing up) and I would believe that this game actually existing in the 80's! Good work!

A lovely and atmospheric game which perfectly captures the feeling of the cover art. Well done!

That was fun! There's something satisfying about reducing the enemy team to blocks and hurling it over the goal - I also enjoyed the camera angle going upside down when following the ball!

I really like the isometric style, all it needs is the score on the game over screen!

I had a great time as a crab! I liked the gate interacting with the tide!

I made crab paste from seven crabs! Sadly my crab killing skills are not enough to get past the yellows!