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Hey! Thanks for trying out our "game" :)
We realize that the project doesn't fit the requirements, but since we've joined in the middle of the jam, went in without a plan and still managed to put something together we decided to put it up regardless (mostly so people who helped and our moms can play it :D ). We're sorry you bumped into our entry in particular, and we'll try to disappoint you a bit less next time. 

Very cool concept and great execution! I like the fact that you're essentially shooting enemies with your own HP bar, and that it is made very obvious through the visuals. 

Small improvement ideas: 
The healing animation scared me every time since it looks as if I'm taking critical damage.
The amount of HP we have to shoot out seems too high. It would have been nice to make picking up the blood stains more of a challenge, since now it doesn't really matter if you pick them up on almost full health or not. 
The enemies are as smart as cucumbers. For me most of the gameplay was waiting for them to get stuck in the hallway. 

Still, great job in this limited time frame! 

Great idea and execution. And OH MY GAWD THE ART IS THE CUTEST THING EVER! I love the fact that you can run around like an idiot with the corpses of your enemies. Would love to see them stacked into a staircase with pick-up being also restricted to one time per cadaver. Too bad I couldn't take them through the door, tho. I was looking forward to killing other guards with their dead mates. 

By the way, gently dropping the knife instead of throwing it worked for me. 

Dear Pineapple, 
We believe in you too! 

· ◡ ·

Even tho there are many games based around having multiple clones of one character and single level entries, this one still manages to stay fresh. Great execution of the ideas, great art and amazing level of polish! 

By the way, I checked on your last year's entry and it's amaaaazing as well. You two should be making more games together!

Cute idea nad looks. Just so you know the game bugged for me on the second ship - couldn't jump, so just walked into the water, and after the curtain dropped the all the scenery was still there, first smaller boat just keep spawning over and over and the character was nowhere to be found. Cheers!

We'll go down as heroes... Just like the Red Baron did!

Game is great mechanically and unlike other attempts from the game jam it actually makes proper use of the single bullet you're given.  On top of it it's visually flawless. Fives! Fives across the board!

I wouldn't say that the game isn't fun, but right now it seems like the crowd is moving in a very hectic manner and it's hard to isolate the patient zero even if you spot the green things when they appear (at least I'm assuming that's the illness indication). It would probably benefit from having a better description and explanation on how does it fit in the game jam's theme, because right now I'm going just off of assumptions. 
I'm loving the art and the music, tho! Good job getting the game done in the short time and see you on the next jam.

Good job guys! The game plays great and the theme idea isn't bad, but I don't think having "one bullet at a time" is a restriction at all if you can rapid fire as many bullets as you want. 
And just so you know, the game is still playable after "defeat" panel pops up, and you can win it regardless. It's also sad that there is no  life indication or byte counter since you're having us gather them. It would have also been cool and on theme if the bytes were randomly generated strings of 8 ones and zeros.

Me neither, you're not alone.

Super fun experience and an interactive story! But just like our game it misses gameplay :) 

Thanks! We had great plans but ended up just hard coding the endings, so it's not your fault if it doesn't light up :D. Our programmer still haven't won the game either xD It seems to pick favorites. 

Thanks for your critique ! We are aware of the problems that the project has up to the point where Filip (programming) refuses to even call it a game :) We initially wanted to make it a physics based puzzle mimicking actual bonfire making, where objects would have different flammability and time ablaze, and leave the player with one match to get it up. When we realized that ain't happening we just slapped together two endings to have something remotely "finished" and got it up during the serverapoclypse. 

It was our first game jam experience, so I'll just blame it on that. Except for maybe the axe, that one's totally on me :) 


Sad to hear that WebGL gave you a hard time. We got hit by random scaling issues too, and couldn't find any recent answers to the problem, but I've red somewhere that the website's css can be overriding your canvas settings.

I can't aim to save myself, but good job on your first game jam! hope you had fun.

The game doesn't explain itself at all. I am deeply lost and confused.  What do?

I like the idea and how it fits into the jam, but the physics are pretty bad :( It would have been much more enjoyable if the robot to kept some of the acceleration, because right now it's a right click spam fest. The balloons are making him jump too, not sure if that's a planned behavior. 

I'm not seeing any game. Too bad, since the screenshots look very inviting :( 

Pugg Wick is my new spirit animal. 

Very cool idea! I'm loving the choice to change  the colour of the background to display health.  
It works better with the joystick, because getting the correct angle on keyboard is cancerous. 

Just so you know, the web build doesn't work (I'm on chrome, Version 76.0.3809.87)

This looks and feels amazingly polished! See you on the list of top entries.

Cool idea! I'm liking the minimalist approach to graphics, but the gameplay could have been a bit more brutal. Still great for a game jam project :D 

Hey! We've checked and it works :D 

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And there is nothing wrong with you, we just panic coded the chance to break the match ๏_๏ it's 50/50

The coolest entry ever. I'm loving the insane mode! The art is great, the animations are pure hype, and pixel style is on point.

I'm now waiting for a full version with :) in different spawn locations and skins.

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Gave it a try :) The instructions made me think I'm supposed to left click to punch left. Took me a minute to figure out it was the left side of the screen. The game would have benefited greatly from a lose condition and keyboard input for punches. 

The art is OBNOXIOUS and i LOVE it.  

Pssst. You've missed one ONE in the description, I'm guessing it was also supposed to be bold. 

Cool idea, got to wave 6! Would love to see a version with more upgrades and less wonky controls.

Got both endings thanks to my pathetic knowledge. Cool idea (and animations)! 

Plays like a trippy snake. Good job on your first game jam!

And that's what we say to the  god of death  wolves.