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Ooooh you sneaky gamer... 💀🎲 I asked the programmers and it seems they had it in for testing and forgot to take it out of the build. Good catch! Thank you for playing and for your comments. We definetly agree with your assesment.

Oh definetly, Plague! We were about to add the level counter but we run out of time and energy... As Adults-With-Jobs Team we needed to get our beauty sleep in before Monday 🎲🖤 Thank you for playing and the comment. 100% Agree.


Thank you! 🤍🖤🎲


Thank you for playing. We're glad you had a positive experience! 💀🤍

Mmmmm... Mobie game? 😄 Thank you for playing Divin! If we have time to work on it after the jam we'll consider bringing it to the stores! ⚔️🤍

Thank you PillarMokey! 😳❤️

Ooooh, we didn't make the connection but now that you mentioned it... Thank you, CD5! If we expand on it we'll keep that in mind 🎲❤️


Thank you for playing and the compliments, MrMathur! 💀🎲 We would love that too.

Thank you Sydmen, glad you enjoyed our little game! 🎲🤍 The audio is not made by out team but we enjoy it greatly and listen to it at home. You can check out the original artist here!

Thank you Lewis! We'll keep that in mind if we decide to expand it post-jam and try to make it a better, less boring experience 🎲🤍

Thank you Charre, means a lot! 🎲🤍 And I'll pass your critique to our writer! ✒️

Thank you for playing and glad you enjoyed our tiny animations! 💀🎲

Lovely idea and pixel artstyle. I enjoyed the generated quests and the gameplay. I just wish it was a bit more on theme. 🎲🤍

Really cool concept! I got past the camera issues, but I'd love the faces to do a bit more in terms of innertia, becuase It's pretty hard to get it rolling. 🎲🤍 It's also pretty loosly connected with the theme :) Good entry tho!

The game looks and feels really polished. I loved the art ❤️🎲 On the other hand I have trouble understanding how to play. It seems like every time I attack I just loose a heart and the space bar does nothing except play a sound. Am I doing something wrong?

🎲🤍 Always nice to see a Pico game! I got a bit lost in the menus, but I enjoyed the core concept. But I must say, what I enjoy the most is the transition screen with all the dice dropping down. You were correct to put it in your highlights sir!

🎲 I'm really sad I can't get through the first level and see more of the art. I think the idea is good, it just lacks a better shooting indicator ❤️🖤 Don't get discouraged! 

🎲 Very well rounded game and really impressive for a two-people team! The art fits together well, the animations make it very satysfying and snappy. I also appreciated the tutorial. Great cherry on top. Good mechanics and nice gameplay. Hope to see you on top of the leaderboard! 💙❤️

🎲 Very common mechanic this game, but the execution is good! I encountered the double tile bug in the browser, but if you hold down the button down instead of tapping it will work as intended. Fun and minimalistic. Well done!

Very nice entry! 💙🖤 I've seen a couple ideas similar to this one but the addition of holes in levels spawned by too many steps and crushing through one level to the next makes it really unique and fun to play. Also the art is great. Overall amazing.

Thank you for playing and the compliments! 🖤🤍

A very chistorically involved entry! 🧮 ❤️ The implementation is very impressive with display of awailable moves and working 2 player match with changing perspective. Whoaaaa. I know that the game did originally look like that but it might be a good UX idea to mark end destination for both players, for ease of explaining. Loved the TL;DR tho xD

For a solo project done in a day this is amazingly good and polished. 🎲❤️ I've seen a couple of projects exploring this idea so far and this one (even tho minimal) has controls that feel great, satyfying sounds and acttually challenging puzzles (the 6/5/4 had me rolling for a looooong time before I figured it out). Good job sir!

Very cool entry! ❤️🎲 Love the chill music, pastel art, and freaking animations! Makes the game feel very polished. It took me a couple of tries to figure out the controls and they feel clanky even after knowing what they do. With a bit of tweaking this project would make a great full fledged experience. Add me to your mailing list if you are planning a release 😘

So... all the 2D art in the game looks absolutely STUN-NING! 🎲❤️ Hats off to the artist on the team. A couple of gameplay comments - I see what you were going for, but unfortunatelly the game doesn't let me do anything but roll the dice and then move said dice around the level. I tried everything, can't move, no tiles light up anything than black. Unsure if it's bugged or if I'm doing something wrong. 

Thank you for playing SlyLord! 🤩💜 And agreed! Our meta progression is definetly a bit lacking. Maybe we'll do something about it after the jam... 

Message for others scrolling around the entries: The browser version doesn't work 🤍🎲 A+ for the thumbnail tho, had me *rolling*...

Oh nooooo, sad to see you you weren't able to get your project published but A+ for the excitment vibes 🎲🤍 Good luck on your next jam, see you then!

🎲🤍 I usually stay away from word-based games but this one had me hooked! Found no bugs, very enjoyable (especially after I figuerd out I can chain letters in more than just one row). 

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Fun liminal space project! 🪑 But I'd love to see the dice theme a bit more integrated into it.

Oooooh, thank you for letting us know, Hydra! 🐱❤️🤍 Definetly a bug, thank you for spotting it. Must all of our spaghetti code...

Thank you for playing and your kind word Digital! 💀🤍 We wished we did better on the gameplay front too, but hey it's a jam!

🎲 A+ for presentation, enjoyed the steampunk vibe. Sorry to hear your web build din't want to cooperate. Did you model all of it on the jam time? 🤯

Unfortunatelly that's not really a valid game jam entry, but good luck on your webcomic!

🎲🥊 Super polished and fun to play entry! If I can have any negative comments whatsoever is that the jumping sound drilled a hole in my brain. Other than this marvelous job. Congrats ❤️

🎲 Very cool idea with turn based combat and meaningfull decisions and even some replayability potential! Nice entry.