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The tiles look really nice, the little RPG a bit less so, but still looks good. Sound effects felt good.

The core mechanic is really interesting but I think the tiles need balancing/reworking, as I found getting from A to B incredibly tedious as I rarely had more than 2 move tiles on the bored meaning I had to spend ages spinning in place to move once, to then encounter the same issue. 

Cool idea, but I found the main mechanic didn't really come into play as I could easily avoid situations that would potentially lead to me killing. 

With a little refinement/level design it could be a cool little game.

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Pretty fun, hitboxes on the spikes feel a bit extreme and some of the later levels feel like they can just be impossible due to position of spikes and slimes

Art was awesome, and a fairly polished game with a fun core mechanic. 

Power bar: That's fair, we were of the opinion we wanted it to move fast to add to the "out of control" element by having difficulty hitting at a desired power, but it could probably still be toned down :)

Deaths: it's just based on buildings being on fire/destroyed. I'll look at adding a bit to the main page regarding that!

I seemed to keep encountering a bug that meant "Energy" didn't recharge, so once it was gone I couldn't shoot anymore. Add on to that the big guy in room 4(?) who kept jumping on me (and killing me) the second I walked through the door into range, meant I couldn't see more of the game or even complete it.

Looks great, but a few balance issues and bugs bring it down a bit.