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Thanks for your comment bro, and yes we had some issues just before the end of the jam so we had to change the base of the gameplay and of the level design so this is why we unfortunately couldn't add more levels even if we wanted to. But you're right; maybe we'll add those levels after the jam because we really enjoied the creation of the this game. Anyway, happy to hear you liked the game ^^

Thanks for your comment ^^ you're right, maybe we put too many visual effects 

Oh sorry I didn't hear the sound , my bad

Good work man ! The gameplay is cool and it's addictive, the art is great, the music is cool too so GG man 

What an original gameplay ! I love how the gameplay works with the controls that change every time we are playing, it's very interesting, and damm playing many characters with many keyboard's keys is very hard but very fun ! With only thing I would like is a shorter respawn but the game is stil very cool and fun so good work !

Great and fun game, perfect for chrismas ! The gameplay is very fun, the graphics are very beatifull, the music and the sounds are great, the IA  is perfect, but I don't really understand how the game fit with the theme. Good work !

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GG man, I loved the idea of play a robot that is rebuilding itself levels after levels, the physics of the game is also great, the graphics are cool, and the end is very fun and goes with the theme of the jam. The only things I miss are sounds and music but it's really a great and fun game and I loved playing it !

Good work man, the game is cool, with a good use of theme, the music sounds great and even if I'm not a big fan of the graphic's style, it's cool that you made it by yourself.

Wow, that a polished entry ! The number of effects you put in the game is impressive so the graphics are very beautiful,the sound design and the music are also very great, and the gameplay is also very great, at the begining, I found it pretty hard, but when you understand how it works it's very smooth. The only thing is that for me, when we play to the game we are more everything than everywhere but it's just a detail. Good work !

Verry intelligent game with a cool use of the theme because as the camera that are everywhere, we have to look everywhere, to be everywhere and that's very cool. I also liked the art, it's simple mais that made a very cool athmosphere so good work for your entry !

Good work for this game ! It is interessant and made a rogue like with randomize creation of levels in a jam is very impressive in my opinion ! The theme is intelligently use with the water that is everywhere, the only thing I would like in the game is a visual or a sound effect where we are in the water and we lose a HP but it isn't very important compare to the rest of game that is really great

oh thanks for your comment because you are the first one to say that so it's interessant to have new visions of our game. At the origin we put the rain for the athmosphere but yes maybe we put too much rain. Anyway thank you again ^^

The game is very cool with fantastic art and a great athmosphere, but I don't very like the fact that we can't stop jumping, that makes the control less good than if you could jump when we want I think. I love the fact that you made an introspective game, it's really cool idea that goes well with the theme. Good work guys !

Wow thank you so much ! I'm so happy to see you noticed the polish because we spent many time on it ^^

thanks for you comment ^^ happy to see you liked the art but you're right, we should make the game à bit easier 

Thanks for your review ^^

Oh thanks, happy to hear you loved the vibes ^^

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Thanks for your comment ! We wanted to make a hard game but yeah you're right that we could be more generous.

Don't worry for the jump's sound, I just noticed that when I was playing but your game has a lot of qualities so at the end I didn't pay attention to that ^^ 

Yeah the music is amazing and stick with the game very well !

I think I didn't really understund the game but the concept is really cool and interresting so for that well done !

Really cool game, the gameplay is so fun, shoot with WASD and move with arrow keys is a very good idea, the art is cool, we don't hear the music enough but it's still good. The problem on the game for me is the boss, he had too many hp. Anyway, it's really amazing entry with a good use of the theme so well done bro !

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Thanks a lot ^^ ! We loved to add more levels and more ennemies ( this was that we planned ) but we didn't have the time for unfortunately ... But I'm verry happy to see you wanted more ! And yes I love gamemaker, for me it's the perfect 2d game engine !

Cool and cute game with an intelligent level design and game design with cute sprites. It's funny because earlier I've plaied a game made for the jam with the same concept. Anyway, good work !

Yeah it really the amazing idea of your game ! And don't worry, it's really hard to adapt the difficulty when you are a dev because you play your game so many times that you don't realise his hardness. And it really is a great game so be pround of it !

Nice idea to make a make about our beloved santa who have to be everywhere for chrismas. The gameplay is simple but very addictive and the art is cute so good work !

Really cool concept and nice vision of the theme because we litterally should be everywhere ! The art are also cool, I like the athmosphere made by those art and by the music, but it's begin really difficult since the second level ! Anyway it's a really cool entry with an intelligent concept so good work man !

Oh yes I would love to play this !

It was a good idea to make a game about osiris but the game is hard to understand, it miss music and sound, the sprite are not very polished but I hope this game will help you  to make better games after this one because I'm sure you have good ideas for game dev.

Wow, it's really really impressive for a first game, the concept and the gamplay are simple but very polished so it feels very good and it's very fun. The art is also amazing and cute, the music is very cool, I just found the second level really too hard compared to the first one so many you should make some levels beetwin those two ones for a better difficulty, even if the time was short. In conclusion, good work, I hope you'll continue game dev because I really like this little game.

Cool game, I'm impressed that made it alone on python so GG for that bro. I like how put the theme into the game with a character who is looking you and who is everywhere ( it's funny because we had a similar idea on our game ) the problem for me is the jump that don't have a great feelings in my opinion but good work and continue your game !

Wow what an amazing game ! It's the first time I see a visual novel created in a jam, and what a game ! The art is georgous, the music is incredible, the game is well writed with humour and intelligence, even if it isn't as long as a complete visual novel I've been attached to the characters so good work for this fantastic game !

Amazing game ! The game has a really fun and intelligent gameplay, the level design of each levels is great, the art are beautifull, the music is cool ... the only thing I would like is the jump on the space bar rather than on the arrow keys but it's an amazing entry. GG !

Oh thanks a lot for you review man ! It's cool you liked the art because we spend many time on it so happy to see you liked it ^^

The concept is cool for a prototype, but it's easy if you spam right click. The graphics and the music are cool so good work !

Woah, when I begin to play I thought it was just a cute puzzle game, but at the end I was playing a depressive dog into space ... And the gameplay is very cool and intelligent so GG bro ! 

Interesting game, I didn't expect to play a narrativ game so I was a bit surprised but it's really good, the dialogues are interesting, the only problem I have with the game is the jump's sound but good work man ! 

Really interesting entry for the vision you had of theme, it's cool, the art are simple but they works, and the music is really good. I just miss more sound design but good work !

Wow, really really great entry. The gameplay is really intelligent and it's a cool way to implement the theme of the jam to your game, the art and the music / sound design are great too and I really loved that you put a story and some humour to the game. Good work bro !

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