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Yes, that's what I meant. Great, thank you!

Is it okay if I keep this in a public GitHub repo (e.g. for game jams)? Of course I will put a notice in the README that refers to this itch page.

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Thanks a lot! That's great input. I'll try to go for that method then as well.

Do you also have a tip on what build machine to use (because of glibc)? I planned to build in a Docker container of the oldest Ubuntu LTS I can get it to build on easily. Does that seem reasonable? It seems you might have a better idea on that as well.

I love using and developing for Linux, but it is no secret that distribution on Linux is a nightmare :) 

Are there any recommendations or tips on how to package our submissions?

AppImages don't work on the most recent Ubuntu 23 out of the box, because they don't support FUSE3 and I *think* flatpaks have problems with joysticks in SDL2. In the past I just developed games on Linux and everyone who played them used Windows. The old school "everything is in a tar + bash wrapper that sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH" method is an option, but I don't know if that's actually good.

We did work on it for a while, but we kinda stopped. I don't think the chances are very high we will pick it up again.

We did work on it for a few more weeks, but we did lose some steam and I'm not sure if we will pick it up again. I agree that this might be cool though. If there ever is a new release, we will post it here, of course.

What do you mean? You can already do local multiplayer. You can only have one player on the keyboard, but you can have any number of extra players by connecting gamepads.

Thank you!

Thank you! I am actually still working on it after the jam ended, which is a first for me. I think it has some potential and I hope I get far enough to put in some gameplay and see if it actually works well!

Thank you for the nice comment! :) I actually wanted to go deeper on Rüdiger's death, but didn't have the time. It give me a reason to make a sequel :D

Thank you, Seppi <3

I am happy people found it funny :D I almost took all of that stuff out a couple of times. Watch the tutorial I just made if you like!

Thank you so much! I agree. I totally knew it was going to be really hard to understand and I really squeezed in that little feedback I managed to get in, but I guess I should have concentrated on that more instead of all the other stuff around it, though that was more fun and it seems like other people appreciate it as well :D Thank you for the nice comment!

I don't want to copy paste a reply to everyone like a weirdo, so I post a comment instead. I made a Tutorial for everyone who didn't get it:

And thanks for the very nice words, obviously! :D

You bring up a great point about toggling the controls screen. I will add that to the post-jam version (not right now, but soon, I think)! And I will also remove the timer at the start for the controls screen, since I honestly thought no one would play this game more than once and I wanted to make sure that everyone understood that you could stop time. It's very cheap, but it was minutes before the deadline and I had no other ideas :D

I think we disagree a little on the score system in general. I think I almost put it in without thinking, when I wasn't really sure what I actually want to do with that game. By now I don't think it should be any sort of "score" at all, just something that gives you some sense of how much you progressed (as in "how much" you did and not "how well"). In that sense going to crazy on the combos might be deceiving, just as negative scores might be. I think I might just have it show lines and full lines.

I had that on my jam todo list! But I didn't put it in, because I didn't know how to limit it (still don't know really) and I had the feeling unlimited undo would somehow cross the treshhold of it being no challenge at all and would ultimately make the game boring. And thanks for the nice words!

löve is a framework for making games using Lua. And you can run .love files with it too. On Linux that is afaik the simplest option to run löve games

I liked how symbolic, yet expressive the graphics were. The terrain was simple, but also served well as a battle ground. I had some trouble understanding what the orientation of the unit rectangles meant and whether I could control it or not. Sometimes I found myself losing fights, but because it went by so quickly, I had trouble understanding what exactly went wrong. I think a feature to replay the fight a couple of times would have been very helpful. So would have been a way to replay the fight a little bit slower. All in all a nice effort and one extra Star for using Rust :>

That is actually in place (it shows as "(+N)") and you get one extra score for every 4 consecutive full line. I think the negative points you can get are not a great decision by me and I removed them in the post-jam version. Now the score is not about rating your performance, but just to give you an additional sense of  (albeit meaningless) progress and achievement. i.e. it's way less of a value judgment of your play and I think that fits better!

A great thing about making such a simple game is that you can take the time and make it pleasant and just sprinkle in a bunch of stuff that looks cool. My music person is well aware of the praise people have been giving him and I am very thankful to his contribution as well!

And there is a post-jam version already up on GitHub. There are no grand changes, just gamepad support, audio/music mute, IJKL as an alternative to arrow keys and a really cool zoom-out when you press escape! I guess one could put in more (so that it will seem pseudo-infinite) gimmicks to discover at larger heights, but otherwise I am not sure what to add that would really fit the theme of it being a relaxing experience.  I'll think about it and see if other people suggest some other clever things!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to play and for writing such a nice comment :)

You have to install löve (version 11.1) (maybe your package repositories have it already?) then download the .love file and run it with löve!


I'm happy you like it! Thanks for playing :)

I submitted the game, even though it's super unfinished, but I don't expect or particularly want people to rate it. So don't feel obligated to leave a rating after you've tried it!