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You bring up a great point about toggling the controls screen. I will add that to the post-jam version (not right now, but soon, I think)! And I will also remove the timer at the start for the controls screen, since I honestly thought no one would play this game more than once and I wanted to make sure that everyone understood that you could stop time. It's very cheap, but it was minutes before the deadline and I had no other ideas :D

I think we disagree a little on the score system in general. I think I almost put it in without thinking, when I wasn't really sure what I actually want to do with that game. By now I don't think it should be any sort of "score" at all, just something that gives you some sense of how much you progressed (as in "how much" you did and not "how well"). In that sense going to crazy on the combos might be deceiving, just as negative scores might be. I think I might just have it show lines and full lines.