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Dont pressure yourself with a public deadline. It wont do you any good. Take your time and release the game you're happy and proud of instead, when YOU feel its ready.

Thank you for the logfile. I will look into the issue and see if I can get it resolved.

Let me see if anything can be done regarding the level skip. I cant promise anything though :)

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Hi, could you look in <username>\AppData\Roaming\ThrustMe for a logfile called logging.txt and paste it in here. It might give a clue to why the game closes down on you.

There's no direct cheat to skip levels, but you can kill the astronauts to clear the level faster ;-)

Hi Netbug009 - Thank you for your observations. I will put them on my todo-list for the game. Can't give you a date of an update, as I'm working on other projects at the moment.

Ok. Let me know how it goes

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Hi, could you look in <username>\AppData\Roaming\ThrustMe for a logfile called logging.txt and paste it in here. It might give a clue to why the game closes down on you

Hi, then it sounds like it never gets started. I guess there's something else wrong, since Java can't be initiated.

Hi, could you look in <username>\AppData\Roaming\ThrustMe for a logfile called logging.txt and paste it in here. It might give a clue to why the game wont start for you.

Great to hear it! Hope you enjoy the game 

Great to hear it! Hope you enjoy the game 

Hi, I've uploaded a new release. Maybe this will fix your problems? Maybe you can look in users/username/AppData/Roaming/ThrustMe/logging.txt and see if if logs any erros in there?

Can you see what the error is?

A fresh version has been uploaded. Update your games, and hopefully you can now play it :)

I will look into, if I can spot some obvious errors in the game and upload a new version in the near future. I'll keep you posted :)

Sorry to hear about your problems with the game. If you could help me, I need your game specs, ie. Soundcard and gfx card. Problems probably due to the audio in the game.

Hi, sorry to hear it. What is your gfx card and screen resolution?

I would like to contribute with ThrustMe

Hmm. Good question. I really want to make this game, but life has gotten in the way from finishing it. 

Because I accidently mapped 'D' to debug. I never got around to fix it and upload a new version. If you can map the control keys to something else, and avoid D then you're good :) could be a solution

After months of development, ThrustMe is finally finished and released on PC.

You play as a pilot in a rescue lunar lander, trying to rescue stranded astronauts in deep caves on 100 different planets. It sounds easy, but it's not! :)

Let me know what you think of the gameplay video and the game itself.


  • Procedurally generated expanding 2D universe
  • Thousands of different ship brands you can fly
  • Numerous upgrades to your ships to help in your adventure
  • Interact with a lot of different NPC's and follow their daily routines
  • Help local enforcement in keeping planets safe
  • Stock market - Buy and sell shares to increase your wealth
  • Reveal the story of an ancient alien race long gone

Right now it's a very early alpha of the game, featuring hyperjumps, trading, fighting and bountyhunting. Approx. 30-35% of the game is done. So many features still on the drawing board and so little time :)

Hope you will try it out and help me improving the game. Thank you for your time :)

Great to hear it has solved your problem!! PHEW! Missions aren't done yet - Mostly just a testing placeholder for now. But later on, you'll have plenty of different missions to help you earn a lot of cash. The idea (and as it was in the original Elite) is that you have to start small and grow bigger and bigger, by buying low and selling high. You can also change your ship to one with a bigger compartement hull (at a lower speed) to be able to buy more at once.

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Hi Kartezjusz2009 - Could you please download the latest version and try the hyperjump again?

Thank you for your comments! Really appreciate it :-) I'll consider the speedometer. 

Hi kartezjusz2009, I'll soon upload a new version which dumps logged information to a file. Hopefully this can help in solving your issue.

Thanks you very much for the stats.txt :) - It will help me in my optimizations. Pirating is still a bit dull. You are able to kill traders, but you can't collect from them yet. This is currently in my pipeline and will be released together with the next demo.

Thanks for your reply :) I've heard from one other, that there's a problem with the hyperjump to other planets. I'm looking into it.