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...there were no tempo changes? :)

Thanks! The music was made in 2 hours, so naturally it'll be quite repetitive :p

As of right now the only node that explicitly uses connections (other than for power-related reasons) is the repair node. I did have plans to have nodes that buffed or affected neighbouring nodes as well, but they didn't make it into the current build.

Nice and simple gameplay with a lot of potential. Aside from the mild issues with UI and balancing, it's overall a pretty solid and fun game :)

Pretty simple, and honestly quite enjoyable :)

Thanks for the comments! I have to admit, watching other people play the game made me realise the game is REALLY hard, even on "easy" mode. I think the wave-based idea is a good suggestion, and maybe I'll add it in a future update.

Sorry about that! Didn't really hear anyone experience that during development.

Really cute with a great "multiplayer" concept

Just a fantastic puzzle game. Nothing more to be said.

Just a nice and competent asymmetrical two player game, with whimsical and fun dialogue to go with it. Too bad there's a global pandemic and I have no friends to play it with :(

Beautiful game, well designed, great polish. See you at the top :)

I like the simple arcade style gameplay. On top of that, the graphics have this very charming style :)

I love this idea :)

I like the concept, just wish the game progressed much faster. Most of the time I was just waiting for the bar to fill up. Other than that, I think the game has a lot of potential :)

I love the concept. This could easily be expanded into a full game with lots of neat mechanics :)

Very cute with a simple gameplay loop :)

A very simply distilled version of the controls-swapping mechanic. Looks real clean :)

It's like a Papers Please roguelike. Really well done and the small details in the environment help sell the feeling of being in space :)

Pretty simple concept, and really sells the "out of control" feeling.

A nice fidget cube like game. It's pretty relaxing and looks nice as well :)

Really well presented and great replayability. Also tons of fun :)

I would have liked to see that :)