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Thank you! I have big plans ;D

I'm suddenly so thirsty for milk 🐮

Wow, the game is so good! Especially the story. I played it few days before and now and it got much improvements. 

Great bullet hell game, I love it. Everything feels so well made and visually stunning

Great game! I like that it's not as hard as the other Metroidvanias, but it's still very fun and challenging to explore.

very impressive game. How do you made the start screen intro where the player is playing the game? Is this a gameplay video or scripted?

Fun little game! Especially the water effect looks very nice.

But I found a bug where your speed is halved after you die the first time. I only recognized this after playing this game for the second time.

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I thought I was crazy when I saw that this tool, few years later, costs money because I have this software on my old laptop and couldn't remember that I paid money for it. But now it's clear that it went from a free product to a commercial product. The price for this high quality product is fine but the thing that you can't get an old free version is somehow pity. I guess I will wait for the next sale to get it again

Thank you!

very nice! I use one of the effects in my game:

Thank you! This tileset was very motivating. I used it in my game

Thank you! I used it in my game

With mouse

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Yeah, finally a web version 🥳

I have a bug where it freezes the game after reaching this point in the dialogue. I happened after I brought the passenger to the target and have this dialogue.

after I restarted the game this doesn't happened again but after my 3rd call the compass was leading me under the empty ground

What an awesome game. I had much fun

That was a very fun experience. It took me a while to understand the idea behind the gameplay, but it was worth it

Wow, interesting game :)

Now that I got a controller and can play this game how it is intended  I see the  depth perception as my biggest problem. You never know if you are above a platform or not because there is  no indicator and if that's not hard enough, the control for the movement is unsteady for me. I would need some seconds to calculate the next jump, but because there is a falling platform everywhere this is just extremely hard even though I'm used to 3d platfomer games, I play them the most. So I run through the whole map and was only able to catch 4 berries at all after many attempts. I can't believe there are players who got all berries under an hour. 

But apart from the skill issue it's a very beautiful and lovely game, everything seems so inviting to explore the world, but and I wish there was an "easy mode" option which gives you the ability to spawn at the last platform before you died.

Very interesting game. Everything looks so clean. I had a lot of fun playing it.

No, but it states: This asset pack is free but the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the asset pack.

But if it's only accessible through paying its also fine. I just realize that there is a browser version of it. Yesterday I thought it is only an image, but now I see it's the actual editor   :p

Where do I have to press?

I can't download anything. It says Nothing is available for download yet.

This tool is super useful. I would like to have an option to convert the output to a .wav file instead of using the third party tool

Great game. I love it. I would even like to pay a small price for this game if you make much more levels and features. It would also be a good game for mobile phones. Gute Arbeit! :D

Very interesting concept and visuals! I enjoyed it very much. I bet you put a lot of effort in this game, I can see that.


No, it not a game, it's just spam and the github site is also "down"

Cheap crappy AI art without putting any work. Your whole BIO is a lie

Sure! Use it wherever you like

Reading is not your forte, isn't it?

____________________________________________________________________________ Complete version LICENSE (paying at least 1.50$):


 - Edit and use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project  

 - Use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project 


- Resell or distribute the asset to others

- Edit and resell the asset to others 


 - Credits required (this link) ____________________________________________________________________________

This AI Model doesn't support background removal yet. 

I always have trouble with the login on Either it's because I can't pass the Google captcha or because I don't receive a login code within 20 minutes. I can't find an option to disable the code requirement.

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the level design is awesome and the graphics, wow. 

But the mechanics of the climbing is not working properly and this sucks. I am not able to complete the castle because most of the time I can't jump and climb at the same time, climbing works like 20% of the time and this makes it impossible to progress. In my opinion this game would make much more fun if you would decrease the difficulty. But nonetheless I enjoyed this game very much

Of course! I'm working on it :D

Thank you so much for sharing this asset pack. I will try to use them in my next game

Cool game. I think my army got so strong that It is impossible to loose

I would really like to beat the game but it is soo freaking hard for me. The acceleration and friction makes it even harder