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A cute and simple game featuring a touching and sad story about love, Locked Heart is a tiny but captivating experience. The main character, Nat, discovers who he is and what he was created for. The graphics are cute and reminiscent of Melon Journey. The only trouble for me came in the beginning of the game, as I had trouble progressing the story (somehow missed the note under the table). A short and sweet story with a bittersweet ending.

Lilac and Her Light shares a relateable and emotional story through the lens of a simple journey and a cute budding friendship. The tone reminds me of Lonely Wolf Treat and Starbot, and the emotional journey Lilac goes through to rediscover her light reminds me of my own struggles in life. Though a short game with very simple gameplay, the experience resonates with me even now. A very memorable game and one of my favorites.

I was drawn by the philosophical tone of this game, and I enjoyed the short and sweet story. The gameplay was simple, and, the different endings each gave a powerful tone shift to the story. A simple game, but very memorable!

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When I saw this game was getting a full version on Steam, I almost cried because I was so immersed during the demo. The music really got me pumped to play, and it feels like part dungeon-crawler, part RPG. Playing as anti-hero Virgo creates some *interesting* encounters, for sure, but I am glad there are choices you can make to spare certain characters and put your own decisions and personality into the game. The story has a shocking but surprisingly balanced mix of dark but humorous moments, and I loved the fantasy and worldbuilding elements. Definitely will be first in line for the final release! I wonder how long the gameplay will be? Though, I must admit I'm not looking forward to the proposed "harder combat," as I was playing on stress-free and still had a bit of a tough time with the final bosses. The combat system is very unique and well-thought-out. A little complicated at first, but I was grateful that the game gives you more tips and info as you progress. It felt very easy to grasp new concepts and try them out as I went along. It was a great way to have a tutorial but also have players try out their own thing! I'm also looking forward to meeting the other looming characters, especially Gemini because that's my birth sign...

For some reason, my computer has decided that I can only play RPG Maker 2000 games on the tiniest screen possible. But even then, this proved one of my favorite games. The soundtrack is very lovely, and the different areas were fun to explore. Each area was short and sweet, with puzzles getting a bit longer as the game progresses. It was easy to follow along with and fun to play! I loved the interactions with the characters and the humorous dialog. I enjoyed following Stella on her journey through the staircase.

(Played the demo) Lenin the Lion is a story about mental illness, and this theme subtly influences the game in a lovely way. The environments are very immersive and fun to explore, and all the characters feel a bit distant as they struggle in their own worlds. The demo's story was short and sweet, and I look forward to what the full version will include, as the demo feels like only a fraction of a much grander narrative. 

There's just one concern I had, and it's going to make me sound like *that* person, so I apologize if anyone if provoked by this.

The Bipolar Woods feels like it is wrongly evoking the name of bipolar disorder. I feel like it more closely resembles the personality disorder Borderline, as the plants are convinced out of their moods and are transformed by them. At the same time, the main antagonist of the area follows the traits of Borderline, as he quickly comes to distrust Lenin and also pushes everyone away from him due to guilt and traps everyone in their homes because of a fear of the uncontrollable. 

That's just my two cents. Maybe there is already an area based on this concept in production. Please let me know.

The gameplay was reminiscent of RPG Maker classics with a twist including a choice-based combat with the boss and a minigame to create the umbrella. I also enjoyed the interactions with the characters in the village. Again, the demo ended with a feeling the future game is much grander, and I look forward to what the final version has in store. I've always enjoyed games that talk about mental health, and it's a personal interest of mine, as you can see. Looking forward to more Lenin!

Hansel was a wild ride from start to finish. The twins begin as very unlikeable brats but evolve into children struggling against the cruelties of the world who were forced to make choices to survive. I enjoyed the gameplay and puzzles typical of classic RPG Makers. Each area was fun to explore. The twist of the story caught me off-guard a little but kept me going until the end with intense interest. The only complain I have is that I got lost in the village area before the climax of helping the girl escape from the village. I didn't know I had to talk to everyone to continue to the next event. But then again, I tend to miss obvious cues. This game has been added to the list of ones that will continue to haunt me (albeit in a good way).

A Beast Named Eliza dumps you into the shoes of a girl lost in the woods. The setting is very atmospheric, and the story unfolds gradually but powerfully. The gameplay (chase scenes, running away) is tricky to get used to but works well after only a few tries. The only place I got stuck was when Eliza returns to her home and has to find all her memories. The story is small but potent about a cruel witch, and the game feels like a modern fairy tale all its own. Enjoyed it from start to finish!

Dear Red is an interesting take on the RPG Maker genre that introduces multiple pathways and choices. It was fun to go through all the different choices and gather fractions of the story to piece together at the end. Gameplay was immersive and kept me wanting to discover more about what really happened. Though a shorter game, it is very complex and engaging. I enjoyed it a lot!

I was following this game on Tumblr and was really looking forward to the release. So, I was super happy when I saw there was a demo! The graphics are amazing, and I feel really immersed in the game. I enjoyed the little bunny mini-game and hope there will be more "arcade" side-stories in the final release. The characters are all memorable and very cute. The music is also very lovely and makes you feel like you're right there with Maisie. On a personal level, I love Maisie as a character because I enjoy characters that communicate in other ways. I'd be like this, too! It's nice to see the representation. The story is interesting so far, and I wonder what will happen in the final release of the game. The demo was shorter than I expected and left me wanting more! Looking forward to the release of the final game!


I enjoyed the game, and the art is gorgeous! I just wanted to share what happened with me so it can be fixed or so others can be aware of it.

I got the complete ending where you become a family, and I didn't know you had to put the butterfly inside her head before patching up with the found doll shards. So, I exited out of the repair screen and returned to the butterfly room a bit confused. When I exited the room, it locked me out of completing my ending. Every time I tried to go back inside the butterfly room, it said "not now," so I wandered around town aimlessly for a while.

I know it was just me being stupid, but I want to make sure everyone gets the proper ending especially if they got this far. It was also my fault that I forgot to save first. I'd suggest making it impossible to exit the butterfly room or to make it so you can return there but can't go outside. 

Either way, I had fun. Thanks for the game!