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(Played the demo) Lenin the Lion is a story about mental illness, and this theme subtly influences the game in a lovely way. The environments are very immersive and fun to explore, and all the characters feel a bit distant as they struggle in their own worlds. The demo's story was short and sweet, and I look forward to what the full version will include, as the demo feels like only a fraction of a much grander narrative. 

There's just one concern I had, and it's going to make me sound like *that* person, so I apologize if anyone if provoked by this.

The Bipolar Woods feels like it is wrongly evoking the name of bipolar disorder. I feel like it more closely resembles the personality disorder Borderline, as the plants are convinced out of their moods and are transformed by them. At the same time, the main antagonist of the area follows the traits of Borderline, as he quickly comes to distrust Lenin and also pushes everyone away from him due to guilt and traps everyone in their homes because of a fear of the uncontrollable. 

That's just my two cents. Maybe there is already an area based on this concept in production. Please let me know.

The gameplay was reminiscent of RPG Maker classics with a twist including a choice-based combat with the boss and a minigame to create the umbrella. I also enjoyed the interactions with the characters in the village. Again, the demo ended with a feeling the future game is much grander, and I look forward to what the final version has in store. I've always enjoyed games that talk about mental health, and it's a personal interest of mine, as you can see. Looking forward to more Lenin!