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Hansel was a wild ride from start to finish. The twins begin as very unlikeable brats but evolve into children struggling against the cruelties of the world who were forced to make choices to survive. I enjoyed the gameplay and puzzles typical of classic RPG Makers. Each area was fun to explore. The twist of the story caught me off-guard a little but kept me going until the end with intense interest. The only complain I have is that I got lost in the village area before the climax of helping the girl escape from the village. I didn't know I had to talk to everyone to continue to the next event. But then again, I tend to miss obvious cues. This game has been added to the list of ones that will continue to haunt me (albeit in a good way).

Aww I really appreciate your comment! I'm so happy you enjoyed playing and I'm glad you played through the twist!! And wow, that's super awesome that Hansel made it onto your list. Thank you so much!! :D