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I enjoyed the game, and the art is gorgeous! I just wanted to share what happened with me so it can be fixed or so others can be aware of it.

I got the complete ending where you become a family, and I didn't know you had to put the butterfly inside her head before patching up with the found doll shards. So, I exited out of the repair screen and returned to the butterfly room a bit confused. When I exited the room, it locked me out of completing my ending. Every time I tried to go back inside the butterfly room, it said "not now," so I wandered around town aimlessly for a while.

I know it was just me being stupid, but I want to make sure everyone gets the proper ending especially if they got this far. It was also my fault that I forgot to save first. I'd suggest making it impossible to exit the butterfly room or to make it so you can return there but can't go outside. 

Either way, I had fun. Thanks for the game!

I'm so sorry this bug prevented you from finishing the game.
I've fixed it (it should be impossible to leave the butterfly room now). Thank you so much for reporting it and saving more players from being trapped like that. Once again: sorry and thank you for the help!