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I was following this game on Tumblr and was really looking forward to the release. So, I was super happy when I saw there was a demo! The graphics are amazing, and I feel really immersed in the game. I enjoyed the little bunny mini-game and hope there will be more "arcade" side-stories in the final release. The characters are all memorable and very cute. The music is also very lovely and makes you feel like you're right there with Maisie. On a personal level, I love Maisie as a character because I enjoy characters that communicate in other ways. I'd be like this, too! It's nice to see the representation. The story is interesting so far, and I wonder what will happen in the final release of the game. The demo was shorter than I expected and left me wanting more! Looking forward to the release of the final game!


Aww thank you~! There will be a lot more arcade mini-games don't you worry about that LOL I'll do my best on the final game!