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You can click 'More information' or something like that and then run it!

Waahhh I've been waiting for this game ever since I played the demo like 3-4 years back! I can't wait to see all the wacky characters again !

I'm so glad you were able to download it! I noticed that I didn't put 'Windows' until now, sorry! Looking forward to the review!

Haha thanks! I'm glad you think so~ I also use the game to take a break from reality LOL

Thank you~! Hmm...I wonder why you couldn't save while playing...You couldn't open the menu? Did the option crash the game or something?

Thank you!!

Thank you so much!

You should click Game.exe. There is no rpg.rt.exe file in the download. You don't need to download the Runtime package (RTP) since the game was exported with everything included.

Hmmm...I have no troubles downloading the game. I'm not sure what seems to be the problem, but you can try downloading from this website instead:

Thank you for the let's play!! It was super fun to watch and I'm thankful for all of the nice comments ahh ~

Aww thank you~! There will be a lot more arcade mini-games don't you worry about that LOL I'll do my best on the final game!

Thank you so much~!

Thank you! I have no plans for voice acting but I appreciate the support!

You are free to stream and record it! Thank you!

Hi! Could you please screenshot and send me your error message please? It'll help me figure out what the issue is. Maybe try downloading from this website instead? I believe that 'Compatible' issues usually have to do with either 1) your computer possibly being outdated or 2) you aren't using Windows, which is the only system that RPG Maker can work on. Does this error show when you download any other RPG Maker games? 

No problem! Thank you so much~

The full game will be 100% free! And yes, I'm planning to release the full game all at once. However, if it turns out to be too long, I will consider releasing it in chapters! Thank you so much!~

Thank you so much~! I'm so glad you enjoyed the demo~! Ahhhhh this was such a nice comment to read! And your english is great!

Sorry, but I don't want my images to be rescaled! I looked into RTP Scaler actually and I do notice a difference in the quality of the resized images. In addition, I'm using some custom scripts that have no MV plug-in equivalents (trust me I have checked). Biggest additional reason is that I'm not comfortable with handing over my game project to someone I do not know. Hopefully you understand and won't press further. Thanks for the offer though!

Thank you for the offer but I will have to decline! Tiles in MV are 48 x 48 instead of 32 x 32 which would mean I have to redo all of the custom graphics in order for it to look good (especially since I use parallax mapping)! Also, all of my scripts are in Ruby rather than MV's JavaScript which would mean I would also have to translate all of them to the other programming language. All in all, it sounds like a lot of work and I don't think it'd be worth it! 

Hello! Nope I used RPG Maker VX Ace! Thank you!

Thank you!~ I'm happy you enjoyed it~ working hard to finish it!

Thank you so much!~ That means a lot!

Great game! I love the cute pixels and aestheticcc....

I found a weird thing here:

There were multiple places (i think like 3?) where the player can 'climb down.' Not sure if that was intentional! As you can tell by my shell count, I found the secret password! What a super cute short game!

I played this demo and really enjoyed it! It definitely was creepy in all the right ways! (Gave me a MOTHER3 Tanetane Island feel) I did find a weird passibility issue here (see image) where you could walk up the flower part of the wall. Other than that, solid demo! Looking forward to more!

Thank you so much! Don't worry I understand you just fine! I'm working hard on the full version~ Please look forward to it C:

Thank you! Working hard on it!

Thank you~ Actually when the boss chase starts, if you hold the shift (run) and down keys, you should be able to run away and not take any damage at all! It's possible to do the entire boss chase without losing a single heart. (If you want to see someone who has done this, check out FlareBlitzed's let's play!) The only other way to recover hearts is by using the items sold at the bakery. Hope this helps!

Thank you so much!~ I'm glad everyone had fun ahh~~

Ahh thank for recording a video! You should be able to find Emi standing in the town square!

Thank you so much~! <3

Thank you!~ I'm glad you enjoyedd itt~ c: