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Hi! No there are no hit points or weapon stats, as Stravagante is not a combat focused game:  as detailed in the “Tight Spots” section of the rules, combat functions on the basis of conditions. If your character wants to cause a harmful condition against an NPC (e.g. Hurt, Unconscious or Hindered) during a Tight Spot, they just roll to do that. If they are successful, their next roll against the NPC opponent will have advantage. If your Character is Hurt, you will have disadvantage on your next action that would be affected by your injury (e.g. if you got hit in the sword-arm, if you try to attack with your sword it will be harder for you). It’s a very narrative and role-play centered approach to combat, so I hope that clears things up 😊

Sharing a lovely review of Stravagante! by Steph C over at TTRPGKids:

Hi! Thank you for getting in touch and yes, that would be fine! Maybe something like: map created used original dungeon map assets by Penflower Ink (etc.), with modifications by Philip Reed.

Hello there! Thank you for getting in touch. I didn’t originally include a character sheet because the system is meant to be very modular and open to modification, so there’s no single way of laying out a character sheet.

For examples of character sheets I’ve made for my Four Points games, I would recommend checking out Stravagante or Greenjackers (which are both free/PWYW). 

Please let me know if that’s helpful! If not I’ll see if I can figure out how to include  a “default” character sheet for the SRD.

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Hi! Thanks for pointing out the typo! As for spell preparation, you can come up with your spells and what they do during play or before, during character creation! Apologies for the confusion.

EDIT: just saw you gave the game a two out of five star rating 😅 ouch. 

Thanks! 😊 Have you had a look at the digital booklet files? They might work better for you.

Ha ha yes, I am definitely not a workaholic :,)

Thank you so much!

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In this respect D, but as mentioned earlier in the licensing and disclaimer section, the setting of the game features some of those prejudices (in so far as they are intrinsic to a hyper-capitalist status quo) which are nonetheless not endorsed, but presented as something to fight against.

Thank you so much :D I'm really glad you like it!

Greenjackers! community · Created a new topic Reviews

If you’d like to leave a review for Greenjackers! feel free to share it here.

Hi! There is no HP system. Getting Hurt works pretty much just as described: if a PC becomes Hurt during the game they have Disadvantage on any Action affected by the injury. So for example if they injured their arms they will become Hurt and have Disadvantage on any subsequent Actions that require the use of their arms (e.g. climbing, lifting a heavy object, etc.). Hurt can also be caused by emotional or psychological injuries (e.g. a PC’s pride or self-respect can be hurt). The Hurt condition can stack, meaning the more Hurt a PC becomes the more and more difficult it will become for them to perform Actions until they are healed and the condition/s removed. I hope that’s cleared things up 😊

Thank you so much for sharing 😄 those sound like fun quests indeed!

This is really impressive work, thank you for doing it! :D
With the names you are having trouble with, or don't like the sound of in French, feel free to use words that sound better to you while still conveying the general vibe. With place names I would rather they feel good to say in the language than be literal translations and sound clunky.

Hi there! I am not aware of a French translation unfortunately, but I hope one day to have the time/energy to write an Italian one.

I have updated the relevant documents with the correct instructions  :)

Ack! I think that's a typo, probably left over from an earlier draft, and that I missed. Sorry!
Roll the 2d6 for each square that makes up your grid - whether it's 6 by 6, or however big you want it to be :) thanks for pointing that out!

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Hopping in here to share the two recent video reviews for Stravagante!, made by JP Coovert and Geek Gamers. Check them both out below :)

Just added some 👍🏻

Thank you (lovely assembly work too!)

I would also be interested to know how well it plays solo, as I hadn’t considered that as a potential mode of play.

It's not the main idea. I suppose you could try using them for a video game (providing you include attribution) but I unfortunately cannot guarantee they would work well!

Thank you so much! I used the HamletOrNot font, if people want to use the same font as me (which, I hasten to add, they certainly aren't obliged to!)

This game looks super fun (just learned about it via JP Coovert's video review of it) and deeply honoured to know Stravagante! helped inspire it.

Hi! Thanks for the kind words and for asking: for now only TTRPGs, sorry. I might extend to videogame use at some point in the future, though.

Thank you so much! I hope you also enjoy the podcast 💚

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

I’ve made a YouTube playlist of music that reminds me of the game or that I think evokes its themes. Feel free to share any other music you think is particularly Stravagante-ish!

I really love your interpretation of the fae and their world. Beautiful 🧚‍♂️

This is such a fun concept and wonderfully presented 🚀 

Just in case, I have also put together what I think you’re specifically after 😊

Hi there! The Text Only version is suitable for screen reading, and is tagged and formatted for easy navigation :)

Thank you :D Really glad you're enjoying it!

Of course :) hope you enjoy the game!

Gotcha :) and yeah, I think adding some little icons to the various boxes on the character sheet could definitely help. 

Thank you so much, I am really happy you enjoyed the game 💚

Hi there! Thank you 💚 

I’m not sure if yours was a question but if so, I think with just a bit of tweaking Stravagante! should definitely work with young kids 😁 What age range were you thinking? I know of one playtester who has successfully run another one of my games with a kid group, but I don’t think they were what you’d describe as very young. 

Thank you so much for the review! I also love how you coloured in the booklets <3

Hi! Thank you for the question:

I suppose technically that’s a possibility, but as it’s a narrative-focused, cooperative game, that’s only an issue if the player group agrees it is. In light of that, a character can be knocked Unconscious/killed even if they haven’t exhausted their EP. If the GM or other players agree it’s something that would likely happen (after falling down, or getting struck on the head by an opponent, etc.) and the character fails to avoid it, then they’re unconscious/dead.

I hope that’s cleared it up?