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Here’s my post on Tumblr:

I am about to share it on Tumblr and Instagram 😁

thank you so much! 💚

A delightful and cozy game! Highly recommended :)

I'll be putting more up as soon as more copies get purchased :)

thank you!

Hello! I would like to nominate my GM-less fantasy adventure game QuestFellows ( for the “What if there was a game like D&D but not by a Racist Corp” list. It’s very narrative but with a LOT of roll tables to add threat, intrigue and weirdness. 

Well gosh, I missed that detail 😅 well spotted! Honestly I think both of your solutions would work fine (my personal preference being the first one involving time dilation). I personally was more interested in the “early days” aspect of the Union (I’m an unironic fan of Star Trek Enterprise 😁), but if you want to focus more on the distances involved that sounds like it could have some great RP potential too!

UPDATE: I've added a 'Based on the Four Points RPG System' logo to the SRD's download files :)

I have a generic system logo I can make available but even just text saying “based on the Four Points RPG System” would be fine 😊

Now that you’ve mentioned it, having a logo like that would be fun 😄 I’ll make one and add it to the SRD downloads 👍🏻

Of course! The SRD is always available for free (or pwyw) so you can make a Four Points RPG whenever you want! 

I don’t know what that is, so probably not 😅 sorry.

hello! You can use an image editing program to combine the individual assets into a map. They should also work for virtual table top websites where you can upload images.

thank you so much 😊💚

Thank you so much!

Ooh that sounds really cool 😁 I look forward to seeing/reading more about it!

Hail and well met!
I thought I would share some of the work I’ve done so far on the game I’m writing for this jam.

So as the title mentions, the game is GM-less, and as such entirely based on cooperative role play and world building. In this respect it’s based on the same principles of Come Rain Come Shine.
The basic premise is that the Players have a shared pool of Adventurer Characters, who have set up and manage an Adventuring Guild.
Quests are generated using roll tables, and then played out in a series of stages using prompt and rolling for Complications along the way. This is all pretty much identical to CRCS.

Where it differs from CRCS is that I’d like to add a mechanic for defeating enemies, like in classic fantasy RPGs, but without lots of crunch like damage types, health points, etc. 
The idea at the moment is to have an enemy require a certain number if successful actions made against them in order to be defeated. The Players each describe what they do on their turn, deciding if it all happens simultaneously or not. Then the enemy Action is determined by another roll table, on their turn. 
What I like about this is that it keeps things narrative and player focused, while also allowing for combat scenarios as well as any other form of “defeating” (e.g. sports, rap battles, etc.). I’m thinking of calling these Challenges, and leaving it up to the Players to decide when they happen during a Quest. 

For every successfully completed Quest, Players earn in-game rewards, but also Adventuring Points which they can use to gain free successful Actions. 

I have more notes, but would love to know what others in the jam think!

Thank you so much! :)

No worries! Not the best phrasing on my part. Hope you enjoy the game nonetheless!

Hi! Sorry about the PDF, if you're using the illustrated one then it might be because I made that one in photoshop and not a proper publishing / layout design program.
As for the turns: on each turn you can do two things, the options being Moving and Action.
That means you have the following combinations possible on a turn:
1. Move, Move.
2. Move, Action.
3. Action, Action.
In all three cases, you are doing two things on a turn. Hopefully that's cleared it up?

Here is a link to a rough outline of design suggestions, for you to use when making your Four Points TTRPG.
It's not prescriptive, but it might be useful. 
Link to design suggestions document

Thank you for joining the Jam!
You can introduce yourselves here, and share any ideas you have for your game.

I'll start: I'm Tom (a.k.a. Penflower) and I'm working on a GM-less dungeon crawling and monster friendship game.


So whatever the opposite side are doing is up to the Guide, or GM. I apologize if the game came across as being a solo RPG!

The example you gave for a failed Action would be fine: after your gnome failed (presumably with a test your luck roll, and so with a negative consequence) the negative consequence could be that the bird swoops in and gets the seeds.

As Four Points is more narrative than turn-based combat focused, the player group could decide that the bird getting the seeds counts as its turn, or that the bird can try pecking at a gnome while the next character is getting ready to fend it off. If the GM says the bird is going to try pecking the next player’s gnome, that player can evade the attack as an Action, either by spending EP or testing their luck.

I hope that has cleared things up a bit!

- Tom 

Thank you again so much for reviewing CRCS!

Thank you, that means so much! I am really glad that CRCS is able to scratch that particular RPG itch :D 

Hi! I would recommend a maximum of six players, including a GM (not a solo game). I would say the average session would be 2 to 3 hours, but that really depends on the adventure 😊 hope that helps!

Hi! I would recommend a maximum of five players, including a GM.

thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the game as well 😊

of course! I add them as soon as I am able to, but they seem to be going pretty quickly 😅

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy 😊

Hello everyone,
To give everyone a bit more time in case they need it, I've extended the Jam until the 10th of March!
- Penflower / Tom

Hi Adelina!

That sounds like a really cool micro RPG idea!

As for how much of the SRD to include, I usually plug in a slightly condensed version which covers Actions, Conditions, Skills, Character Creation, Distances and Sizes. It’s basically the same Rules section in all of my games, with minor adjustments based on the setting. That said, if you’re worried about it getting too long for your game, you can absolutely leave stuff out that you don’t think you’ll need, or do a Guarden and just link to the SRD 😄. Probably the most important things to keep are the character creation section, and how to perform Actions (spend EP / test your luck). 

I don’t have a Discord dedicated to this jam but I do have a general Penflower Ink one, for friends, other artists and designers I know, and patrons. If you / anyone else is interested in joining, let me know via DM on Twitter (@tomfummo) or here and I will send you an invite link!

Hello! Solarpunk is a genre I would love to see a game set in! That generator also looks really cool 😁

Hello! Thanks for joining in 😁 Both ideas sound like a ton of fun!

Hi! That sounds like a really cool concept 😁

Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks so much for joining the Four Points RPG Jam!

This topic is pretty much what the title suggests: a space to share your thoughts and ideas on what sort of game you’d like to make using Four Points!

I’ll get the ball rolling: I’m currently working on a kind of retro fantasy game about Goblins learning how to do magic, tentatively titled Goblins & Grimoires. It has its own spell crafting rules, and I’m developing a bestiary for its setting.

Thank you so much ☺️