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I feel like there are too many move cards vs 'action' cards. I keep finding that I end up having something like 5 move cards and have to try and run away while I hope the RNG gives me something I can use. Maybe you could have a weighted system so the likelihood of you getting more than say 2 move cards is much slimmer, or you could have some default moves where you can always do something useful if you don't have any decent cards.

Apart from that it's looking like a good start to a turn based strategy game, I'm looking forward to seeing what other game mechanics you come up with.

Really enjoyed it

Really enjoyed it

Thanks for playing worldsim, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Wow 1026 is really good! The bees are the key :)

Thanks for playing and commenting HAndLol. Great to hear you like the idea.

You are right, if I come back to this I would tweak the pace a bit and add a few quality of life things to help the game be more fluid to play.

QWOP was one of the inspirations for the game. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing! I've released a fix so you can grab the holds a bit easier but you now lose grip strength the longer you climb. Enjoy :)

Thanks for the great feedback Seymion. You're right, it is a resource management game and I agree that it would benefit from being longer.

The different locales is an excellent idea. In my original designs I had a similar idea where every few days you would "see" some point of interest, such as a city or a mine, which would give you different chances of finding things (and potentially more characters) and you would have to make the choice if the extra coal/time was worth it to stop. It sounds like we are on the same wavelength. Unfortunately I ran out of time myself to implement it. 

I loved "This war of mine"! It's a huge compliment being compared to a game like that. It was by accident, as I didn't think of it when designing the game, though I wouldn't be surprised if that feeling was somewhere in my subconscious when creating the mood for it. 

Thanks for playing Albaharu. Relaxing does help the mental health a bit but is more a way of holding it off for the day, the chocolate is the best way to increase it. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thought the mood and music was good :)

Nice little game, reminds me of Reigns. Would be nice to be able to click or hover over the icons at the top to be reminded what they represent

Salut Bubu. Merci beaucoup pour votre réaction! Je suis d'accord avec ce que vous dites. Il y a beaucoup de choses de contrôle qui pourraient être améliorées. Votre suggestion concernant l'indicateur de combat est une excellente idée. Peut-être que si vous cliquez dessus, cela irait au combat.

Merci encore d'avoir pris le temps de jouer au jeu et de le commenter.


Thanks Karle, hope you enjoyed it