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Too many move cards

A topic by Paul created 45 days ago Views: 21 Replies: 1
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I feel like there are too many move cards vs 'action' cards. I keep finding that I end up having something like 5 move cards and have to try and run away while I hope the RNG gives me something I can use. Maybe you could have a weighted system so the likelihood of you getting more than say 2 move cards is much slimmer, or you could have some default moves where you can always do something useful if you don't have any decent cards.

Apart from that it's looking like a good start to a turn based strategy game, I'm looking forward to seeing what other game mechanics you come up with.


Hi Paul, thanks for your feedback!  It does seem like the game suffers a bit too much from RNG and bad draws.  Hopefully when you can build/customize the deck of each character things will improve.  In the mean time I'll try out your suggestions in week 2, default cards/actions could be a nice mechanic on its own.