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So it's been a few days since my last update, didn't want to spam with every tiny update so I have a few. I made some good progress with the aesthetics of play :) was tweaking and tweaking and tweaking again. Fixing scripts only to find I forgot (sign of fatigue I guess :P). 

I also added a new testing level trying out the idea of finding the quickest route to beat the level since I would like this to be a core concept of the game.

A death animation and a basic finish animation has been added in, so next the plan is creating  visual cues to allow the player to know that they can't rotate the world when within it's radius.

Also made a script to allow me make levels in a lego format resulting in slow level making but makes the physics that little more better :)

Here is a video of the game being tested with music by Rhyss Davies.

Don't forget to follow me on twitter for more updates https://www.twitter.com/paulja... ;)

Until next time,



So I added wall jumps and secret exits to some stages. Some work needed on making sure the player can't just fall through into secret area but this is a problem to be tackled a little bit later.  

I'm still debating with myself on how to present the UI. Have many, many more ideas I'm testing out currently so it will be nice to share these with you once they have a little bit of polish but sure we shall see.

Also have music being worked on which I hope to share with you very soon. 

For updates don't forget to subscribe here to be notified or if twitter is your thing then follow me at https://www.twitter.com/PaulJa...

Until next time,


Grayscale Secrets from Paul O'Callaghan on Vimeo.

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So first time doing this dev log. Working on a game called Grayscale as you can tell. 

It's a puzzle-platformer. Your physics interaction is dependant on your colour and the world is also rotatable. I don't see an option to post up screen shots here as far as development so far goes but sure I'll make out my list and keep it up to date as I periodically work on it.


Because of the rotational element there will always be more than one way to solve a level so your initial way of solving the level might not be the fastest route.

To do:

  • UI
  • Music
  • Animations
  • Levels
  • Timer
  • Add Xbox Controller Support

You can follow me on twitter also for updates too i that's your thing  @pauljamesgaming.

There's no real story involved, it is more of should it be okay to make things harder on someone because they don't share a view and only when they finally agree will it be made easier, unless they decide to continue on and not change their opinion powering through. I guess it was very ambiguous because of the level design too (something to work on in future).

For anyone else who may be thinking of joining, the guy seems a little off and got offended after I asked if he really worked on Stick Run from Facebook and not fully believing him. 

I can program not the most amazing but have 2+ years of consistent programming in unity script and easily able to to convert to C# if you need any help with that :) 

Cool, what sort of games are you interested in making?

Assuming you are looking for paid work? Or is it work to join a project? :)