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[Hiring All] Game Development ! -Must Read-

A topic by Alaa Nasro created May 25, 2017 Views: 528 Replies: 15
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I'm making an indie horror game,alongside with a team,we're group of 7 people. Serious,non-paid and passion. We love game developing!
Currently, We're using Discord for easier communications.
We work for free,don't expect any revenues, maybe in further projects. We'd welcome anybody who is willing to help in any post. Just make sure that you have a Discord account!


Games : Horror.
Free or Paid ? : Free for now.
Engine: Unity3D
Genre: 3D Game.
Name: (More On Discord)
Brief description: (More On Discord)

Contact Details:

Discord: AlaaNasro#2442
Please contact through discord, or leave a comment here. Thanks in advance!

EDIT 1 : The hiring is still going! 


I sent you a friend request over discord. Do you need another writer? I've written for a horror game before. 


Hi can I help you design or loading surface, etc.If you want.

Hey do you know how to model 

He is already with us,sorry mate. Can't hire him 

Its ok sister 

I'm not a girl,dude,chill.


Accept my request in discord 


I can program not the most amazing but have 2+ years of consistent programming in unity script and easily able to to convert to C# if you need any help with that :) 

Contact me on Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

For anyone else who may be thinking of joining, the guy seems a little off and got offended after I asked if he really worked on Stick Run from Facebook and not fully believing him. 

Uhm yeah right, like they will actually believe some random guy acting like knowing everything,turning down younger people,calling me out a liar,wow. You didn't even give me a chance, and for those who want to join, I've the proves. :) Don't mind this jerk. 

Do you need composer/sound designer?

Yes,hit me up on Discord !

Up Up !