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fuck them troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the kind of woman that will actually just kill me

cool game!!

oh my god i didnt even think of him as the boss i just wanted to put *something* stupid in that room hehe

Cool game very normal job inside a normal mine!!

Great work, good game :)


amazing amazing amazing

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It goes faster if you jump

find out in the next update!!!

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as it should be.

(edit) now I'm gonna add more floating boxes 

there's a billboard you can interact with on one side of the map :)

WebGL build uploaded :)

awww bae

if you don't give this 5 stars I will personally find you and do absolutely nothing I have no power over you but you should really give this 5 stars because I think it's pretty good and I made it so I would know

Look great! Unfortunately couldn't get it to run on my Index.

Nope, no clue why it worked the way it did.

Yeah it's all kind of finicky, I don't think any of the VR games I've made before this jam have worked on Oculus. GL!

Hate to see this doesn't work with SteamVR, it looks fantastic!!

You made great use of the orb's mechanics! Between the effects, lighting, & models, the visuals are stellar. 

The lack of sound did drag the experience down a bit, but overall exploring the castle was pretty engaging, I only wish I could have hung out in the loot room longer! :P

Let me know what you think of my game when you get a chance to check it out!

Pretty neat game! The ice spheres might have worked better as cubes, they kept rolling off the buttons and I ended up spending way longer than I needed to just trying to get them to stay still. 

OH, and those chain physics were DOPE, kind of wish there were more!

Cool mechanics! Charging seemed a little finicky but once I got the hang of it I had a lot of fun!

Come play my game when you get a chance :)

Thanks for playing! It shouldn't be making noise while you're not holding it, that's a bug D:

OHHH I didn't realize you were Andrew!! Thanks for the retweet!

Which game is yours? I'd like to check it out.

I'm so happy to see so many great puzzle games this jam!! I had a lot of fun with this one. It was a little janky on the controls, but the mechanics are solid and have a ton of potential.

You should really consider expanding this. There's a lot you could do with it.

I'd love to hear what you think about my game when you get the chance!

Hilarious. Grabbing things was a little frustrating on the Index (had to squeeze pretty hard), and I had some performance issues. Otherwise fantastic game!  I really enjoyed it.

Our games are actually kind of similar, check mine out when you get a chance!

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Thanks for playing! I had more mechanics planned but sadly ended up running out of time to flesh them out, so when it came time for level design I just decided 'alright welp, gravity gun puzzles'. That's pretty much the only part of the game that I'm not happy with and sort of makes me want to flesh it out into a small release.

Hey y'all, I'm considering expanding this into a larger release. If you have any criticism or thoughts be sure to let me know!

Teleporting didn't seem to work for me on the Index, I ended up using advanced settings' placespace mover to get around. REALLY fun game, could definitely work as a full release! The welding was really cool, although pretty janky. Either way I had a blast.

Check my entry out when you get a chance, link below :)

Wonderful! It took me a moment to figure out how to control things but I had a lot of fun drumming along. The visuals are  amazing, that smoke is mesmerizing. 

I haven't played anything quite like this & I loved it, so thanks for making it!

All I know is that the people want cows and they want them fast. Cool game, double cool to compete in the same jam with you again!

Check out my game when you get the chance :)

The voice acting really made this! It could be a pretty neat game given some polish into the movement (seemed very jittery on my Index). 

Our games are actually a bit similar in premise, check mine out when you like!

For the teleportation? It's just the SteamVR Teleportation prefab that comes with the SteamVR plugin, didn't program it at all.

Fantastic game, enjoyed every second of it!

Nicely done! Really enjoyed the rolling puzzles, got stuck on the 3rd level though and eventually gave up. No clue haha.

Loved the art style, really enjoyed looking out the space station windows. This game has more than enough potential to work with if you continue development, look forward to seeing that if/when the day comes! (please if you do keep up development, let robochan make fun robot noises while he rolls around).

Anyway, 5 stars from me!

Super fun! Made it to 231 before I got cocky and tried to kill a dude who got himself stuck in the wall, proceeded to get hit by about 20 different bullets when I turned around lol.

Super fun! If you keep working on it, the building mechanic might work even better with a different combat structure, e.g. tower defense. Lots of potential!

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Thanks for playing! Glad everything worked on the Vive as I no longer have mine to test with lol.
For the robot effect, the main thing is to stack up delay, it's kind of like a really quick echo, makes it sound so crunchy. Another major component in the sound was a high & low EQ curve that I used to make it sound less rich and as if it was coming from an intercom.

For teleportation I just used the SteamVR plugin's already made system and placed invisible collision planes everywhere the player can teleport to.

Anyway, thanks again for playing & rating! I plan on playing most all of the games, I like your trailer so I'll definitely play it in today's session.

Dope game, love the expressions on the final boss lmao.

Great use of the theme, breaking out was cool. I couldn't play for too long though because the angle of the gun made me strain to tilt my hand forward using Index controllers. Otherwise solid jam game.

Doesn't seem to be working right for me on Valve Index. My head is about 30 feet away from the room and is rendering completely different images to each eye.

Game looks good, let me know if you have a fix!