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aaaaand updated! Should now work in other resolutions :)

This is super neat and interesting, good job!

Yeah the zoom was the one thing I wanted to fix.... but low effort jam ':D
Might update it sometime this week so it works - just need to resize everything in the Canvas in Unity

e g g

This is a super neat idea. I'd play a roguelike rock-paper-scissors deckbuilder for sure!

Love how this looks and feels! A score/wave indicator would have been nice, but I made it to the Victory screen and loved every colorful bullet fired :) 

I have fulfilled my dreams of becoming both a baker and a van owner, 10/10

This really grows my cactus. 47 to be exact
Good job, appropriate amount of effort! :D 

This is great! Good job!

There are some minor improvements (such as adding a number indicating how many zombies a safe zone can kill before collapsing, or adding a little arrow indicating the nearest safe zone in the last 5 seconds of the water incoming), but for a game jam game this feels wonderfully complete and fun, well done! 

Hi there! 
A friend and I are interested in participating in this jam as it sounds like a silly, fun idea right up our street but we're unfortunately both busy during the week. Would you be willing to accept late submissions? (since we're working it would probably end up being the Sunday....) 
No worries if that's not possible and good luck with the jam!!! :D 

Really interesting concept! Somewhat overwhelming but for a Game Jam game very impressive! Good work :)

Interesting idea! Could definitely be the basis for a neat puzzle game :) Good work!

Really adorable and wacky and original! Wish it moved a bit faster, but I love the legs always landing on the floor. Great work!