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Thanks for playing and for your feedback :)

Thanks for your feedback! 

I had the toolboxes set to be 5% spawnrate but it still ended up being too high, I think 2-3 would have worked better as you are totally right - when testing my web build I would often just crash into the rocks to get to the toolbox. I think initally I had it restore less health to each wheel and changed it at some point? It's a shame I ran out of time for balancing all the numbers... As for the wheel repair I mostly intended to be a last resort until you can get a toolbox, but once again, I think the numbers are slightly too low.. ':D

Thanks! Glad you liked it :) 

Thanks for playing and for your feedback :) Literally all the numbers need(ed) tweaking but I didn't want to cross the 3 hour mark ;_;

Yeah it is most definitely in need of some balancing... ':D 
Siemaneczko i pozdro!! 

Thanks for the great feedback! I was initially coding the obstacles to have different damage types and speeds/graphics but never ending up implementing them ':) Totally agree with needing more risk v reward when you get out of the car too... 

Really makes you FEEL like you took a wrong turn somewhere but luckily are a car mechanic

The balance is always tricky to get right in this short time frame haha 

Nice idea, well done on the execution :)

simple, clean and tricky - well done! I like that you have to use different keys to fix the cycle 

Interesting take on the theme, good job putting it all together :) 

Fantastic work! Fun puzzle game and great execution!

What a vibe, great little experience - well done!

Very pleasant and chill vibes, great job!

Love this interpretation of the theme, great job!

Quaint and wholesome, good job! :) 

Not sure I quite understand what to do but I like the punky aesthetic haha

Nice platformer, I like the art! Jumps felt a bit imprecise but for the time frame this is great!

Lovely art and I like that you had to balance the + and - when shooting, well done!

Great aesthetic and fun execution of a solid idea, good job!

Congrats on your first game jam, great job ;)

Clean, polished, fun and challenging! Great work!

Great job for the time frame! My only negative point is that the character feels a little too slow, otherwise this is very impressive and fantastically executed!

Great job! I love the visuals and the audio 

Neat aesthetic and fun game, well done!

Bugs that end up as a feature are such a game development joy haha 

I was frantically adding in the final score screen with minutes to spare so unfortunately a start menu and tutorial went out of time scope... oops!
Thanks for checking it out :) 

Thanks for checking it out and glad you liked it!
I agree totally - the fences were the first system I programmed and I was stuck myself on how to implement them with the gameplay loop. I think it would have been better if you closed an area off permanently to yourself and the cops would take fences thus reducing your total area leading to more space + money management..... but alas such is the case with a short time frame ':D

Thanks for checking it out and for your comment!
You are absolutely right... ':D I think because I was recently working on a top down shooter I instinctively wrote the function to use the right mouse button and then never changed it due to lack of time/optimizing.... It should totally have just been on the keyboard!

Thanks! Yes the player character is a no good person at all haha

Hey there!
Not bad!! Hope you enjoyed it :) 

Thank you! I wanted to replace the "punch" sound effect as it sounds odd but ran out of time haha

Love the art and watching these lil dudes brawl it out, solid starting point to implement more stats/betting/upgrades, good job! :) 

Very cute idea and I love that there's a side view to just watch the fish! 
It would be neat to see more stats about each fish (needs more/less food) but well done for the time frame :)

Very fun concepts, I like the tension of the crowd of onlookers just waiting to pounce at these burgies. Made it to 67, well done!

Fun idea and I like how customers get angrier as they wait, good job!

Great job, I liked how the aiming with the guns was slightly off for an added challenge! 

Brings back flashbacks of trying to get a PS5 haha - well done, especially considering the time limit!!

Fast, frantic, fun! With some tweaks this would be a great standalone coffee break game, well done for 3 hours!! :)

Nice dodge-em-up, good job! :)