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Thanks for checking it out! If I were to continue it I would definitely make the colour differences more obvious as it can sometimes get tough to tell them apart for sure.

Nice game, wish I knew I could restart earlier but otherwise enjoyed the mechanics involved!

Thanks for checking it out! Sometimes the colours are very similar yeah, if I were to continue with the game I might restrict the colours a bit so it's not quite as difficult sometimes.

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah there is no restriction on the choice of colours so they can sometimes be very similar.

The colour needs to match exactly although sometimes there are some that are extremely close in shade.
Thanks for checking out! Appreciate it.

Thank you for checking it out! Much appreciated.

You may well be correct on the skill vs chance aspect, I didn't really think the count through properly but I can always go back and tweak it about after the jam. Thanks for checking it out and your feedback! :)

Thanks for giving it a go and the feedback. You may be correct, I would have to adjust it and figure that out properly! :)

Really nice use of the colour aspect of the jam, creative game, enjoyed it. Nice one!

Loved the visuals and the sounds! Had no idea what I was doing but made me feel very powerful! Nice one! :D

Poor Squary, hope he gets some more confidence soon!
Fun little idea, nice one, keep it up!

Thanks for checking it out and also for your kind words! :)

Another game with a bucket in it! Awesome!
Loving the art style, great short story, simple and to the point. Nice one!

haha I did wonder if there would be others! Welcome to the gang!
Thank you for checking it out and your feedback. I've played yours and left a rating and comment too. :)

haha hello fellow Ice Dice-ee!

Really nice game! Love the fact that the very first level shows exactly what you need to do with literally one key press. Intuitive and a challenge for my brain. The sounds and atmosphere is just great too. Really good job!

Thanks for checking it out! 48hrs definitely isn't enough time to fit in everything I wanted! haha

Not today skeleton man! Nice job!

Really cute art style, fun game overall. Enjoyed the fighting mechanics.

A frick load of fun! Nice fricking job! :)


No worries! And It's all good, I didn't wanna just point out problems but I thought I'd mention it just in case, nice work!

The music is from an AI?! Alright it gets a pass now then, just thought it was some crazy experimental track haha - And thank you, appreciate your time and comment! :)

Thank you for trying it out! Power-ups and differing obstacles were exactly the ideas I had in mind to progress it with! :)

Really nice puzzle idea. Love the way that it lights up when correct. One issue I came across is that the sound is multiplied when there are more dice. But overall, nice job! :)

Love the art style (pun totally intended) and the sound effects, not too sure on the jarring music but overall fun, enjoyable experience, well done! :)

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I don't believe that you've done anything malicious but is related to the fact that some Godot builds are known to flag this when using the "Embed PCK" feature according to

Really love the idea of the Portal inspired block puzzle games mixed with the sides of the cube actually having a meaning. Fun puzzle game with some great mechanics. Got rocketed too many times to count. Nice one guys!

What an awesome game! Great fun and well made.

Awesome stuff! Look forward to giving it a play!

As much as I love the outrun style I do agree there needs to be more of this y2k blobby goodness, it looks fantastic!

Good luck with it and I look forward to trying your game!

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it! :D

Great art style, love the parallax effect!

Could definitely see this becoming a great full game with some balancing and more of that passion that so clearly went into this demo. Mycket bra jobb! :)

Hey! Sure thing no worries :)

It is awesome, much more to come with the development of it too according to the GitHub issues and such. An exciting project indeed!

Thanks very much! I've only ever made one pixel art game before so took the chance to practice some more with this one. Was very limited with what I could create in both size and colours but I don't think I did too bad. lol Technically you were playing a real Gameboy game, it works on real hardware too! :P

Thank you for your kind words! And yes I would love to have created it with audio, especially some sound effects but unfortunately the engine I used to create it is still in early days and apart from music (which I didn't include) the option wasn't there. There are a few things I would have changed had I been able to. :)

I used GB Studio to create it. -

Thanks Jonas, glad you enjoyed it! :)

What a fun little game!

haha maybe so! And thanks for your kind words :)