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Yay! A DS style RM game! 

Will probs download this next week when I have more bandwidth to spare.

Thank you for making this game. It brought smiles to me. I love the message and theme of this game. :) My biggest takehome from this is that people might make mistakes, toxic mistakes even, but they can redeem themselves.

Hello, it's me pandadodod!

Thanks for reading this post.

 I am currently developing  Enslaving Divinity. The dialogue is done ( and been edited once by an online friend). But maybe a "third" eye could make it better? That is why-

I'm humbly in need of help of an Editor/Proofreader and Mapper. Thanks

For interested Editor/Proofreader,

No slimy qualifications just that you are a native english speaker.

This has been edited once by someone( not sure if a native english speaker). So it will be minimal work, I guess? I just want a third eye to look into it and offer some advice in making it more coherent?

For interested Mapper,

This is a one map game. So it's like that, One map is needed and to be done in RPG Maker VX Ace. 

I have a prototype map. Two actually. But I'm not so confident about them. This means you have to be confident in your mapping abilities, Okay?

And Oh! 

This game is free. Everyone will be credited. And I wish to expand this game in the future. 

Thanks for reading up to this point..

More information (@RPG maker forums)

Comment down if interested and we can talk through Email or discord. Thanks again!

Love, love this story :) 

The artwork is so cute, Owl! I hope to play this game if I get a new unit. MV games are laggy with my current old laptop :( 

Anyhoo, cheers to you for completing a game!

Goodluck in your team. I hope you can create an awesome game :)

Awww. Thanks for that even though it wasn't necessary hehe. Will download that version whenever I'll get a chance :) Thank you!

Hello, will send a DM in your twitter. But are you still up to do it?

Best of luck! I've read your google doc story and I like the mood I'm getting. So, what type of games and genre do you want to do writing for?

This looks fascinating. Too bad it's a winx64 application and my old 32bit laptop can't handle. Will just instead watch let's plays of it :)

Hello, I added you on Discord! 

I'll email you sometime if a demo is out for the game I'm making :)

I love the message of the game...