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Offering Writing/Story directing services

A topic by Wildman537o created Nov 14, 2017 Views: 198 Replies: 4
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Hello! I'm a writing and aspiring creative narrative director. I'm looking to find a simple project to be able to develop a story for! Don't mind what the game is, just something to add to my portfolio really.

Hello bro, I'm a gamedev and have a story idea, just a guide, a starting story. I'd need to develop it further in the form of character development, dialogs and a cool ending. 

It's all on the air right now, and to be honest I'll have time to do something with it in january. 

I think the story has potential, and it's hard to match with a gameplay but was thinking on something like "professor leyton" that makes you solve puzzles while developing a deep story in the background.

It's on my notepad since september.

Anyways, maybe we can chat and see if something comes up or not :P

Sure! I'd love to go over it with you! Add me on discord :)  Lewis#6308

Added you on discord!

Hello, I added you on Discord!