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[Unpaid][Art] Searching for project

A topic by 13ribs created Aug 19, 2017 Views: 380 Replies: 3
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I'm a CG artist also interested in pixel art and I search for some project to work free for it
I hope to find something not very big, better horror story or on the contrary smth pink and sweet, also i'm interested in games with original story, it should be the main constituent of it
For better understanding, jrpg games that I like: The Witch's House, Wadanohara, Undertale, shroom soup, Ib, Agarophobia, Underworld Capital Incident (Gokuto Jihen) etc
Really hope to find something interesting c:

You can check some works here: (I never drew for game, so works are partly sketches, but you can see the level. Pixel art is bigger and .png there for you to have no problem watching it)
I also can draw something absolutely another from this (I mean style)
What's easy for me: characters (pictires, sprites, emotions etc), items, objects, maps
What's hard for me: big super beautiful background pictures (i can draw it if you want, but it would be simple), pixel animation (I prefer graphics gale for pixel art but have only free version - if you can help me with another soft or smth, I'll try my best)

Sorry if there are any mistakes, english isn't my native(
To contact me:

I sent you an email ! 

Thank you for your invitation, I played demo and it's really cool! I'll be missing for updates
However, thats not what i'm searching for, sorry, I don't think I'm the right person for this project :c

I'll email you sometime if a demo is out for the game I'm making :)