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[Writer] Writer for free or for hire! I love games and writing.

A topic by jonprime created Jan 24, 2018 Views: 243 Replies: 6
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Hello community. I like writing and I've gotten some nice feedback on my latest twine game Birthday Simulator (playable here ) and I would love to work on more games and write for people. If your game's for free I'll do it for free, if your game is for profit then you'll have to pay me. I'd love to talk details and I can send you some of my work if you're interested. 


Jon Prime

Hello, will send a DM in your twitter. But are you still up to do it?


sure dude, just send me those details and lets chat about it 



What do you think of writing lore for a sci-fi universe? I'm in early stages of development, but might come back later with more specific ideas. Just curious right now if that area interests you?

I'm not really sure what you're asking here. Do you want me to create the world and lore for you? I have no issue writing about lore and world building, once it's built, and sci-fi is super fun, but as far as doing heavy lifting work in the early stages that's gotta be on you; you should never get someone else to make the world you want. Let's talk more because sci-fi is still cool and I'm intrigued 


I was primarily curious if the realm of sci-fi interested you, and would be asking for ideas and details after the main stuff is more fleshed out. Honestly I probably shouldn't have even said something as the idea in question is so early in development I still don't have anything playable, yet alone needing the lore.

Tl;dr: I am working on a procedurally generated galaxy that will mostly contain this generated content, but will be mixed with more carefully curated content as I finish developing the core systems. Basically, I want it to build itself reliably first, and then I will spice up what it creates on its own with hidden gems / special stuff later.