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Lucent Depths was great. Also, Neon Nightmare I found quite breathtaking. 

Nice work everybody, congrats to the winners. See you next time...


Thank you yevheniyo :D

Hi Mushroomstick - yes sprite stacking. The terrain is somewhere in between stacking & scaled parallax. 
The collisions I'd like to tighten up in future versions - the depth axis is stretched for collisions to make up for the difficulty in perception of where your ship is exactly. However, I'll make it forgiving only for good things (collecting pickups, bullets hitting enemies). 
Thanks for playing :D

A good point Freshfries - This game is going to get expanded over time and for sure I want include an endless arcade mode.
In the (eventual) full game you're a cat person playing the Nanon game on a Headset. Each time you play, objects of your surrounding life somehow enter the game until (d,d,dum) you realize you're already IN THE NANON.

Thanks Shad90 :D

Thanks WiseBart -
It's true about the ship position, I'm trying to find ways to make it clearer where you are in 3d-ness. Watching the shadows helps!

Thankyou very much Shape Creative!

Thankyou Luis8 - for sure I'll need to tighten up collisions in future versions. Thanks for trying it out.

Thanks Pixel-Team. After much contemplation, it's true - the bullets shouldn't insta-kill, only crashing into ships should. And yes, in a future version it would be more rewarding when you catch a trail of gems if they have more value. Thanks for you help.

I'm glad you discovered this zen way to get through. I also noticed after some time that's it's much easier to only shoot when you need to (there's no scoring anyway).  I'd like to make more levels that are more about the meditative aspect :D

Thanks Moonrisen
The gameplay is partly inspired by I, Robot: 

Thanks Priomblazer - highly inspired by Bladerunner

Thanks very much Japster's Cavern

That's good news, more time to play!

I really enjoyed this, and I'm not usually into this kind of game.
It was very satisfying the feeling of working on the lights. The mechanism was fun to use and the  puzzle/story/creation aspects make a nice mix of genre. 
Out of all the games I've played, this has the most thematic appeal, delving into the history of neon rather than going with the generic go-tos. Nice work!

Thanks happysquared
Much appreciated!
I really enjoyed your game also.

Thanks baumeistere

Thanks Chequered Ink -
Yes, true about all those points.  For a future release I might tone down the horizontal space, the further you go from the center the more "pseudo" the 3d is.

I had the same dilemma & uploaded an additional fixed version. 

Thanks TG - yes, I'd like to expand it into a bullet hell kind of thing

One tiny bug like that can make the whole game defunct so yes, I think it's absolutely appropriate to reupload for this kind of reason.

Exactly, if it's in good spirit it's better to have the slightly tweaked version for people to enjoy. 

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Thanks for your updates - I'm not a frequent game-jammer so it's good to know the norm. 
I uploading a second version (normal mode) with the enemy spawn rate put back to normal. 
People can chose if they want to download the normal or super hard version. 

It's a nice concept, simple but effective. I'd be keen to play a classic astroids version with the same colour system if that's where you're headed.

Hi everyone
Like many of you, I was crunching till the very last hour. I accidentally made my two level game almost impossible to beat! I could change that with a single number and make it so much more enjoyable. I'm happy to be judged on my original submission of coarse,  but is it legitimate to upload a second version with a less crazy difficulty setting?

OMG I plugged a lightbulb into a multiplug...

That is the best wobbly piece of paper I've seen & I haven't even started the game yet :O/

It's fun, I like the video-casettey look, nice one

Really enjoyable game. It's easy I think for players to jump into, especially if they're a fan of the Pole Position lineage. I would agree with LouisGorenfeld about the drift thing - if it drifted while braking & turning rather than pressing Space, it would feel more natural and succinct imho. Thanks, look forward to playing more.

Fantastical styles. Love the happy-scrappy graphics and adventurey feels. Nice work!!

What ever will you conjure up next

This looks great. I want to frolic with the bugs.

It's fun! Reflex game. Interesting to judge in a split second whether to reverse.

Hi kevingmz- not dead , just bloated. Working full time on it now :D