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First impressions and feedback.

A topic by wktr_t created 32 days ago Views: 187 Replies: 8
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Hey guys, fantastic game!

I'm truly surprised how you managed to wake up something I haven't felt in years in any game: thrill.

It's not frustrating at all(in means of when you collide with an AI car, it's not hard a all to get back on track), the learning curve is not too steep and there's just this intimate, nostalgic threshold in steering that just feels right.


I didn't find anything that can break the game terribly yet, but will be reporting back if I do.

One thing I feel that is just a little bit off is the manual gear mode (am I saying this right?).

I feel like the low gear isn't doing a lot, it almost feels like there should be at least one more to balance things. 

Sometimes I feel like this manual mode might not even be needed.


I'm not sure if this one is just a bug or something that adds to the nostalgic feel, but sometimes when I fail a race while simultaneously drifting, when the game over screen pops up and the car stops, the buzzing drifting sound keeps going.


Alright guys, that's it, my finicky brain doing it's thing. The game is actually impeccable.

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I like this! I loved Power Drift and World Rally Fever, so this is hitting a sweet spot. I like that it's more technical than Power Drift, and doesn't seem to have the "automatically following the track" feel that PD had. And I love the artwork and music. The car sprite is super cute and reminds me a little of Victory Run. The music has both a 90s Sega feel and 90s rave influence. Super cool.

But.. I think drifting could feel more like drifting. It feels more like a pseudo 3d implementation of drifting to me, where in drift mode the steering loosens up and feels a bit like you're on ice. But I wish it had either more of a Ridge Racer or Daytona feel-- sliding sideways through a turn, the nose of the car typically pointed towards the inside of the curve. In RR, I believe once you trigger "drift mode" that your car automatically follows the turn and speed is determined by the angle of your nose vs. the angle of the movement. Daytona seems a lot more complex. But, in both cases, there's a skidding-sideways feel that this isn't yet capturing. It could be partially down to the camera movement as well (this is a full 3d sprite-based engine, right? Part of the fun of drifting is the sensation of speed as you're suddenly looking at the scenery whizzing by sideways :D). I also think drifting could be triggered more organically rather than a dedicated drift button (downshift? brake plus steering hard into a turn until you lose traction to a certain degree? not sure).

Anyway, I like where the game is going so far! Great work. I'm looking forward to seeing further revisions :) 


Really enjoyable game. It's easy I think for players to jump into, especially if they're a fan of the Pole Position lineage. I would agree with LouisGorenfeld about the drift thing - if it drifted while braking & turning rather than pressing Space, it would feel more natural and succinct imho. Thanks, look forward to playing more.


Thanks for the feedback! Currently manual gear shifting is pretty useless, so I'll probably try to make it more useful in the future.

Changing the controls doesn't change the controls for the interface.
I can't customize the controls to move sideways.

This makes the game unplayable for me.


THIS WAS GREAT! THE ADRENALINE RUSH I HAD BROUGHT ME BACK TO MARIO KART RACING. If i had to change anything then i would make the tracks  longer. it was very enjoyable, expect a 2 game one play video of it tommorrow!

the second video is your game
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What is the key to select to start a game ? Arrows keys works for up and down but then ??? Not enter, not Shift, not CTRL ? Why ?


Love the game, once I got more used to the drifting I could actually complete Arcade Mode. I also see where LouisGorenfeld is coming from, drifting feels unlike any racing game I've ever played, not that this is a negative thing, but just some food for thought. I personally really enjoy Daytona USA 2 Power Edition's drifting feel for whatever that's worth.

I'm hoping to give you guys some actual feedback based on Version 0.0.6:

1.) The current really dislike the "Next Lap" text position. My first race seeing the notification that I finished the lap, I instantly had some strong negative emotions about wanting the text to get out of the way. IMO, as it stands now, it's typically on the road/towards the horizon making forward visibility difficult. Not sure if trying a different location would be better. Booting the game up for the very first time, right after the first lap, I instantly quit the race, went into Options to hunt for something to turn that off, and thankfully I could.

Taking a look at something like Ridge Racer Type 4, there's no lap notifications, then something like Daytona USA 2, the text notification flashes your lap time super briefly. Perhaps consider looking at what and how other racing games are alerting on lap completion.

2.) Please implement a "Reset to Default" in the Options menu, be it for Controls/Audio/etc. Currently, adjustments from my understanding can't go back to default once set to something else.

3.) In an effort to listen to some of the great music, I've sat in Time Trials motionless just to listen. I noticed however that the Menu UI isn't dynamic and once the Timer rolls over to double digits (past 10 minutes up), the numbers overflow out of the UI timer box. Not sure how much you guys care about that.

4.) In an actual Time Trials race, pressing start and going to "Retry", the tiles that cover the screen as a transition, do not cover the screen fully, there's a few pixels gap between each tile. Not sure if this was intended or not (probably not, based on the other menu transitions which do not have that gap)

5.) I thought it was nice in your Audio menu to have the BGM Volume change while you set a numerical value etc, but for some reason SFX and Voice Volume don't kick in when changing the value. Maybe have a menu sound when changing SFX and the announcer voice for Voice.

These were the only things that I noticed, I hope this is helpful feedback. Great job and really enjoy the game!