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Hi! Sorry for the delay! Lost track of some messages.

The difference is likely in the fact that Im cross compiling these builds from a linux environment (in a mostly automated way). Not using the native visual studio compilers likely causes some bloat. I'll be working on a 3.4 release soon and I'll be checking if the windows builds compile smaller on windows.

Thanks =)

Im glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah the controls definitely have a learning curve.

Thanks =) I think too many people think of being tethered to someone to be a hindrance. I think that though it makes some things more difficult; handling all the big things becomes much easier (and more enjoyable =) )

Thanks =)
For the effects, I discovered the WorldEnvironment node this jam; it's pretty nifty haha

Thanks =)

I'm glad! Some of the early stages had the controls multiple levels more confusing.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I did end up fairly abstract on the theme; but my more.. literal interpretations ended with baby fight club. 

Haha thanks! 

Thanks :)

Yeah, the fading part between hit 2-4 is tough to see. Kinda makes getting hit extra punishing; though when you're on your last couple of hits you can see again so it balances out ;)

This was quite fun! Good work! 
The tank things are annoying 

Thanks :) 

Thanks. Yeah I wasn't 100% satisfied with  the controls. Some indicator on which axis you're currently locked to would help.

Thanks for playing :)

This was great! 

The dog was indeed petted

That ending line though. 

Had some fun with this. The final ending is a little dark.

Super well done. Having to re-watch that fire animation over and over got annoying though :)

Pretty cool; one of the things I thought about during the brainstorming phases was very similar to this concept. 
You pulled it off well

Too bad you didn't get much farther. This had potential :)

This was super fun.

I think getting animation locked when swinging the sword on the ground is not fun. I found myself just spamming the jump attack. 

Also you can cheese most baddies by sliding underneath them.
Great work

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This was surprisingly fun!

I would suggest making a one button 'toggle' character swapping with some form of indicator for "currently controlled" (like a little arrow or something)

Sometimes the rat doesn't get counted when I catch him.

Very well put together; though I really didnt like the controls. You could have merged some of them together to make it more traditional. Also I think crouching is something that is needed in some spots 

I think you were going for a difficult game; though I felt like I was fighting with the controls -- which felt a little unfair at times.

I had fun though =)

This was fun.

Too much text; didn't read any of it -- but that's a me thing.  Good work :)