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Love it ! Can we get the source code ?

Thanks for your feedback ! As explained in previous comments, the choice of a single button to control all is for smartphone compatibility. I am sorry to hear you couldn’t keep up with the speed. I have to say that it was originally going to go faster 🤣 so yeah I think I had a good idea to slow down at the start and after the jam I’ll change the timer to be slower.

Cool game and well polished ! But I think the gameplay loop is too repetitive and obtaining a cool upgrade takes too much time.

Thanks !

Yes of course why didn’t I think about it before !

Thanks a lot 😁 ! I am aware that controls are kinda weird but I choose this way to allow mobile phone compatibility! I’ll also try your game soon !

Cool game ! I like it ! I think you could have added some more textures but it is cool !

What a cool game ! I love the art, the music, the gameplay ! Honestly it could already be a full release on steam !


Thanks for your comment ! Yes it has been kind of a pain to manage the dice face and all the falling mechanic !

Rate me please I need attention

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It’s dice pls play my game :)

Cool concept but I think the die doesn’t really “adds” anything ; I think that at least a small control over it, it would have been cooler… But the look of the game is fantastic !

It’s cool game ! On small problem ; we can’t play with arrows on the keyboard but that’s not a big deal :)

thanks !

Message to everyone struggling : I added a “Controls” section in the description of the game. Hope that helps, if it still not, then feel free to express what you don’t understand down here dans I’ll try to explain it !

Thanks Rinax ! I added a “controls” section in the description so that anyone could understand

Thanks !👍 I’m gonna add a small text on my itch description to explain!

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I wanna say, it’s not a bug it’s a feature :) Thanks for the comment btw !

Oh. I understand the fact that the game is complicated to get started with. Just to check, have you read the “How to play ?” text. My idea is, the die starts on a face and roll down until it hits the bottom. It starts rolling at the X number showed over the select square.

Maybe consider playing my game I say that I say nothing ^^

Best game I’vhe played so far, nothing else to say.

Hey ! I tried to play it but couldn’t understand how you were supposed to buy/sell

It is a very good game. I love the presentation ! However I think that there are not enough mechanics and far too many levels which is discouraging.

To anyone reading this, feel free to try my game out too (it is less good than this one but…)

Simple yet beautiful and enjoyable ! You deserve the top 20 ! Also if you’d like to play a puzzle game, play mine please :)

I did ! I found the moving animations very very cool ! May I ask you to try my game and rate it if you want… please…

A good and ENJOYABLE game ! (gotta say it loud and clear) However I think the floor could have been detailed and sometimes the time gets slowed down ? I didn’t understand that part but the rest is very cool and I think that the tutorial could be interactive from the get-go instead of a long paragraph even tho I did the same thing for my game (which you can try and rate if you want, please).

The game look awesome ! Unfortunately I encountered a crash that made continuing impossible also I don’t quite understand the goal, sorry…

Cool game ! I like it and I think it could even be a full release one day ! For the downsides I’d say the mechanics are good but not very polished and the grass is too repetitive but I can understand why ! Please try my game and give me feedback ;)

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It’s a good game ! I like the graphics and the musics. The level design is well made ! A bit too hard for me :) Maybe consider playing my game ?

Very cool thank you !

Hey thank you for your post ! I actually made the level 4 so I :Cri: that you haven’t made it throught… :/ I will try your game out and post my grade for it. have a nice day

I mean your game is still amazing tho !

thanks you !

Ahnaf did most of the drawings ! I thank you for him :)

you mean 99% ?

Cool game ! I love the principe ! But the art and audio is not very impressive.

Very cool game I liked it ! But I prefer to use arrow keys to play because I have a azerty keyboard. :(

Thank you