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5 bananas. 10 out of 10 bananas.


I'm SO sorry for such a late reply! The version of the game you played was broken, and had a glitch that only occurred if you got a 100% ending. The game has since been updated with the glitch fixed!

The game unfortunately doesn't run on a mac, but I believe there are emulators available that allow you to play windows games on a mac. If you don't want to look for/install those, there are a couple of playthroughs people have made of an earlier version of the game!

These both go through the earliest version of the game, which was missing a few added bits of story that are in the current version, but they still show the main storyline if you're interested in that! :)

Thank you so much!! :D We had a lot of fun working on this game!! So glad you enjoyed it!!!

There isn't actually an item to collect in the laundry room; there's just Chad waiting in there to jump out at you.

If using the hints option in the menu doesn't work for you, I can tell you that the three passcodes are found in: the dining room, the second bedroom, and the attic. Check all the closets and doors in the hallway and downstairs, even if you've clicked on them before! :)

thank you so much! we're really glad you enjoyed the game.

we both fell in love with clive and the PC and their friendship too and definitely have plans for them to return at some point! :D

haha, i'm glad i was able to sneak a TAZ reference in there! ;) thanks for finding it!!

this is SUCH a wonderful game!! i love seeing how all the characters and places have changed over time, and the summer palette is so pretty to look at it!

loved this game, thank you for all your hard work!!

this is such a good game!! fun, clever,  and super satisfying...wish it was more than just a fantasy lmao!!

this was soooo cute and so much fun!!

where do i find myself a real-life Maka??

Broken headphones is honestly my actual gender about 78% of the time lmao.

Love it!!

This is really cute and tons of fun to look through! I loved it!!

This is a real cute game!!

This game is adorable and, dare I say, super sweet!!

This was really cute and tons of fun! Loved it a bunch!

Thank you so much! I had tons of fun making the characters and animating them, haha. :D

And I would play the heck out of a game like that!!

Thanks for hosting! I've had a lot of fun!

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you both enjoyed it!

I'm planning on fixing it up, expanding it and definitely adding music + sound effects soon. I'm glad you liked the characters/dialogue so much--writing them is my favorite part of any project! :)

Thank you!! I had a lot of fun making it, so I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks! :) Yeah I hadn't used Bitsy until this weekend and it's tons of fun!

I'll definitely be making longer, more interesting games with it sometime soon. :)

This is really cute! I had fun on my little adventure. ;)

This is really cute! I enjoyed it a lot!!

Haha, same here! The whole time I was making this I was just. So envious of the characters. 😂

Thanks a bunch! I had a lot of fun making it, haha. :)

Thanks a bunch! I had a lot of fun with the stars. :)

Aw thank you! I really appreciate it! :D

Thanks so much! :D

This is canon now. ;)

Thanks a bunch! 

Haha yeah your date puts up with a lot from you, nudity included. ;)

That's just how your datemate rolls!! Who wants to go on a romantic walk with their beloved when they can just go stand all alone in an empty field for a while?? ;)

This is so cute!! Love the haiku too ;)

Thank you so much! :D

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! :)

This was SUCH a good and adorable game!!

This was such a good story! I loved it.

This is such a beautiful and well-made game! I love it and I'm excited to play it again! :D

That's what we like to hear! B)

Hey, this seems like it'll be really cool! :D I can't wait to check it out when it's finished!

You and I are in the same boat (or at least, very similar boats in very similar circumstances), since I'm just learning RPG Maker VX Ace for the jam! Let's wish each other luck that we'll both have playable, non-crashing games ready to go by the end of the month. ;)

This seems like it'll be really fun to play!

Best of luck to you!!

This seems really interesting. I'm excited to play it when you're all finished! :D