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thanks you saved my life

it is fun but explain the growing mechanic more and it will bw better

hey cool game nice to find anpther godot dev if you want we can colab

it is really fun

a small rpg where the less mana you have you have more areo of effect

I don't think so

I can make you the art and I wold like to team up

my music is in the game

thanks for answering

I want to represent queer people in my game but I want to know if I can

the story in the game captivated me so  much


thanks I was going to add sfx but I ran out of time

really good game I use godot and this is surprising for one of youre first time using the engien


cool game

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thanks for the feed back sorry for not explinig the warp properly

what plugin do you have I am tring to fix a bug

relly fun game and may I ask a questionhow do you handle scene chaingi I am making a metroid venia in godot but I am handeling scene changing with multyple scenes for each rom for every entrance is there a mor eficient way?

thanks I will keep working on it and make it mone intuitive

thanks I will

cool conspet

cool conspet

thanks for the feed back

amazing game

I am the guy who name you could not say

relly fun game

te game art an feel is amazing maby make it slower

fun mystery

the game looks relly good and it is super fun it could be a nice comersial relaese

good game mabe make it esser to control

fun it coud be a good comersial game but maby think of shoting with mouse because my key bord ativated stiky keys