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It's OK. I thought your game jam was open for all people in the world.

Hello. I would like to play this on my live stream video. I could try to help you introduce this game a bit more effectively by that way. Do you think it's OK if we help each other? I'll support you, I don't expect something like cash. If you are able to be a magnet to get some viewers to watch my gameplay. That would be a better chance to get more players, as well. :)

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This is my first full version game! It's also still talking about Live Lives, the game that is gonna be a main series. Right now, that game is still in demo state.

So, here's the SS series. SS stands for Short Story. That's this game called 'Live Lives SS'! The genres are still slice-of-life, storytelling (story-rich).

So here's the link:

I hope you'll enjoy the storytelling game. It's actually my first anime game, as well. :D

Hmm, I played your game.

Well, my mind is still pretty much blown because of the story itself. The characters are kinda neat especially the anthro one. Yeah, I love animal-like characters or basically anthroI, lol.

I'm still confused but I tried to stand corrected with the game. So, I only assume that there will be some backstory.

Anyway, yeah. Good short story though. :)

I'll be waiting for more stuff from you.

Well, OK.

Thanks for answering my questions.

I was overlooking the description, and I was expecting something like submitting a promising game you made to this game jam.

So yeah. Sorry if I bothered.

All right.

Thanks for telling me.

Hmm. I guess might not be able to join in this game jam though.

You're very welcome. :)

Hmm, I see.

Well, I just wanna show my unseen concept that it didn't get noticed like usual here.

My previous game was on GameJolt. So yeah. I still use the same concept but a little bit spiced up with the game demo I just made tho.

Well, it's up to you that you wanna allow me to submit it for entertainment purposes too or not.

If you think it kinda counts. Thank you, as well.

Furwind community · Created a new topic My Own Opinion

Hello there!

I did test out or check out the game demo. I'd say it's pretty bringing up the classic theme like SEGA games or SNES games. The game also reminds me Sparkster and Knight Rocket the remake one.

When I wanna move the character, I did assume some of the obstacles were part of the background so I always get clumsy. Maybe there should be some lighting effects so can I tell what are the obstacles and the backgrounds.

I played the game until stage 2 only. I would suggest that don't make the players be lost like "where should I go". Because I did get frustrated that I couldn't advance more there. The first mini bosses in the first stage are kinda OK. Maybe you should add one more sound effect to tell that it's gonna "charge" or "ram" the character. About the hit detection, I could tell that "if I were you, I would slightly increase it.". Next, the enemies. There are some players might get mad at enemies that are hiding in the boxes. It's OK. But it's getting unfair since players are given with 3 health bars. Health with percentage system will make players less tired.

The fox character, the one that players will play as. It's all cute, yeah overall. I love the sound effects. all those stuff might let player to play carefully though.

That's all what I got from playing the game. I did enjoy it too, at least. :)

I hope for the better in the future. :D

Excuse me.

Is my game considered to be old project since I was using the concept to make anthro characters in old game?

But, most of the stuff I made were new there. Only the old concept and some other elements I have been trying to show from the old game.

You can can check out my game demo tho, to see if it's OK to be submitted later.


I do have a game that is still in demo state.

  1.  Is it OK to submit that one?
  2.  Is "emotional" like it happens in narrative allowed? (Because I'm making storytelling games)
  3.  Are we allowed to submit one more games if we are still possible to finish the other games?

Is this game jam trying to explain that the games we're gonna submit must be made in 2 days, or submit our game before the 2 days pass?

Well then. That's pretty much what I assumed.

Thank you for playing the game tho.

Hopefully, it did entertain you. Those teenage foxes are slightly quirky, I guess, lol.

Oh, all right. Thank you for the information.

I am completely confused with the main description of the Jam. It looks simple and nothing way too strict, so that's why.

If I am mistaken from reading the jam description, please do tell me. :)

Hello again Pizza Jam host.

The game that I submitted is gone now, and I saw a deleted comment. I don't know what that was, but should I submit my game again? All I am aware is that the jam time is already extended? So my game submission automatically got deleted by that, I guess.

I see. Before you announced that I was confidently ready. Lol.

Thank you for playing tho. I was thinking I hope I can entertain you two.

My storytelling game is pretty much like PS1 RPG games like Chrono Cross if you know tho.

And I have been making its 'Short Story' series, a side series of that main story but the connections do exist in between. :)

Well then, I hope you two will be delighted with my storytelling game(s). :)

Um, I just submitted my game because I read the stuff you wrote tho.

Did I make a mistake or something since you announced the theme is 'Movement'?

All right, I'll do it. I might not mind to mention your Twitter too tho. :)

Yeah, I know that feeling. Someone might not pay attention to a character's personality. OK then, if that's what you decided. You can call me anytime you want if you need your story to be the merrier! Rythe and Yar are foxes unlike your fox characters, they welcome any animals. :D Lol, I don't know why, if my fox characters meet yours, perhaps, that'll be some kind of cold war. XD

Yeah, that would be all then.

Hope your main story is still going on tho. Can't wait for some major changes. :)

Haha, thank you so much!

This is actually my 2nd game demo. I wanted to rework the first one but it feels like better to make a new and fresh one but talking about life more!

Mind if I share your game(s) on my new Twitter? I just signed up a new one just for game-development/content-creator purposes.

Anyway, while I was on my way to home, I have been thinking to make a chapter that features your character especially Treat. Yeah, a cameo. I don't know if you also mind to collaborate by doing that way or not. I keep on thinking about it somehow because of Treat. Lol.

I had played this while I had been working on my new game demo!

Well, I love how you made short-story game like this, and yeah, my game is also a storytelling game. A game Finding Paradise inspired me.

Slice-of-life genre is pretty much what people (most or) more likely expect. To see some variation on life.

If you are wondering. My storytelling game has anthropomorphic characters, as well, lol. :3

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Hello, everyone!

This is my first time to post my game here. It's called 'Live Lives'. Storytelling game also RPG. There are two boys who look for mystery of life. In order to discover some of them, they start to help people and will become part of a private ranger organization!

That's all the quick summary of my storytelling game demo though. For more information you can go the link of the game. You'll see other information on that page!

Game Link:

Here are some interesting screenshots and an upbeat opening of the game!

Opening Video


All right! I hope you'll enjoy it!

Anyway, I have still been working on the game to make the full version.