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Need Enlightenment

A topic by ourteamxvg created Feb 14, 2018 Views: 251 Replies: 2
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Excuse me.

Is my game considered to be old project since I was using the concept to make anthro characters in old game?

But, most of the stuff I made were new there. Only the old concept and some other elements I have been trying to show from the old game.

You can can check out my game demo tho, to see if it's OK to be submitted later.


HostSubmitted (1 edit)

If you want to count it as an old project, I wouldn't mind, I'm not a strict person (as there is no judging). However, the intent of the jam is taking things you've already abandoned that have not seen the light of day and turning it into a finished game. So if it doesn't feel old to you while you are working on it, then probably not.


Hmm, I see.

Well, I just wanna show my unseen concept that it didn't get noticed like usual here.

My previous game was on GameJolt. So yeah. I still use the same concept but a little bit spiced up with the game demo I just made tho.

Well, it's up to you that you wanna allow me to submit it for entertainment purposes too or not.

If you think it kinda counts. Thank you, as well.