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A topic by ComputerJames created Feb 09, 2018 Views: 202 Replies: 9
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This month's theme is 'Movement'


Let's go my friend !

Um, I just submitted my game because I read the stuff you wrote tho.

Did I make a mistake or something since you announced the theme is 'Movement'?


hey! yeah the idea is to make everything within the Jam time, based on the theme.

I'll still play your game though! But it's not eligible for pizza.

I see. Before you announced that I was confidently ready. Lol.

Thank you for playing tho. I was thinking I hope I can entertain you two.

My storytelling game is pretty much like PS1 RPG games like Chrono Cross if you know tho.

And I have been making its 'Short Story' series, a side series of that main story but the connections do exist in between. :)

Well then, I hope you two will be delighted with my storytelling game(s). :)


Wow, that announcement came early. Or did it? I've been expecting to start the jam today at 6pm and ending Sunday 6pm, but itch now has submissions open from today 10am to sunday 10am. I'm guessing I missed any information on time zones. I cannot start before 6pm today, I have work. I planned my life around starting at 6pm. :-/


Thats fair. Ill extend the jam time at the end for your time zone. It will finish at 6pm GMT-8. 

As long as you do it within 48 hours.

Submitted (1 edit)

i got out of work. lol   I'll finish on time.


Amazing. Who needs work when you could potentially have a pizza!