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I had played this while I had been working on my new game demo!

Well, I love how you made short-story game like this, and yeah, my game is also a storytelling game. A game Finding Paradise inspired me.

Slice-of-life genre is pretty much what people (most or) more likely expect. To see some variation on life.

If you are wondering. My storytelling game has anthropomorphic characters, as well, lol. :3


your trailer for it looks cute :) congrats on releasing your demo!

Haha, thank you so much!

This is actually my 2nd game demo. I wanted to rework the first one but it feels like better to make a new and fresh one but talking about life more!

Mind if I share your game(s) on my new Twitter? I just signed up a new one just for game-development/content-creator purposes.

Anyway, while I was on my way to home, I have been thinking to make a chapter that features your character especially Treat. Yeah, a cameo. I don't know if you also mind to collaborate by doing that way or not. I keep on thinking about it somehow because of Treat. Lol.


sure, always happy when people share my games!

but hmm i don't know about cameo stuff, treat in particular is really special to me so i'd feel a little uneasy about someone tossing her into their universe. i'm happy that someone would like her enough to want to, but i think i'll have to decline for now!


All right, I'll do it. I might not mind to mention your Twitter too tho. :)

Yeah, I know that feeling. Someone might not pay attention to a character's personality. OK then, if that's what you decided. You can call me anytime you want if you need your story to be the merrier! Rythe and Yar are foxes unlike your fox characters, they welcome any animals. :D Lol, I don't know why, if my fox characters meet yours, perhaps, that'll be some kind of cold war. XD

Yeah, that would be all then.

Hope your main story is still going on tho. Can't wait for some major changes. :)

Hi Nami my name is Daniel but what it is that i wont to tell you is this you made a great game i watch a youtuber named Mairusu i was watching him play you game lonely wolf treat and all the other games that went with that game and it is a great game  and i would like to know when the 5th part come out and please comment back


i'm making part 5 right now! i should be able to finish it sometime in the next few months :) thanks!

okay i can't wait for  to come out have i great day or night 

will you please tell me when part 5 come out and in part 3 i figure out the password to the vault and please comment back 


it should show up on your feed when it comes out if you're following me here ^^ i'll also announce it on twitter and tumblr.

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IDK if it will show up on my feed but i'am following you and how i found out the password was i got so mad i just start put in it in random and then i got the password then i went back just to make shore that it was right because i went so fast when i put the password and please comment back and i follow you on twitter 

I like your new game it was fun to play i haven't got all the endings yet but great job keep it up