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Hi Nami my name is Daniel but what it is that i wont to tell you is this you made a great game i watch a youtuber named Mairusu i was watching him play you game lonely wolf treat and all the other games that went with that game and it is a great game  and i would like to know when the 5th part come out and please comment back


i'm making part 5 right now! i should be able to finish it sometime in the next few months :) thanks!

okay i can't wait for  to come out have i great day or night 

will you please tell me when part 5 come out and in part 3 i figure out the password to the vault and please comment back 


it should show up on your feed when it comes out if you're following me here ^^ i'll also announce it on twitter and tumblr.

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IDK if it will show up on my feed but i'am following you and how i found out the password was i got so mad i just start put in it in random and then i got the password then i went back just to make shore that it was right because i went so fast when i put the password and please comment back and i follow you on twitter