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I am the worst artist in the world. Like, a stick figure is beyond me. So you’re doing great!

This is entirely on point! I’m gonna flesh this out a bit – watch this space etc – and that’s the first thing I want to do. That and improve the platforming.

I’m actually going to flesh this out a bit more, I think! Thank you for playing – I’m entirely with you on your complaint re: the rounded colliders. Unity’s rigid bodies are unforgiving!

You know, I completely missed that there was a tutorial. Sleep deprivation!

Oh yeah, for sure! I think I might flesh this out a bit further, which the first priority is coyote time (and holding down the button to jump higher/further/etc). It could take some time. I’m still a noob.

This is great! I love the weight of the SOUL SACRIFICE.

I like the shader effect a lot! I don’t think I quite understood how the different levels worked, but I like the idea of feeling my way into getting the gist of it.

Ha, thank you! I wish I could take credit, but it’s all o_lobster’s doing!

This was really great! My brain hurts. If anything, I’d like to see a bit more information on what each spell book DOES, but it’s quite clear as-is, and the feedback you get from it is extremely satisfying. Those landings!

Ooft, that missile…

The twist on the collectables is cruel to my Banjo-Kazooie addled brain. I’d like a little more clarity on the requirements, but otherwise good stuff!

Oh god I just realised my credits edit didn’t go through on bad internet! The art is all from o_lobster’s fantastic Metroidvania pack!

It’s already name-your-price, but happy to add this interactive fiction thing to the (incredible) pile:

The Incident at the Seabrook Residence